Our Yunnan adventure: Tony and Olga Hammock

Peregrine adventurers, Tony and Olga Hammock, recently returned from the 10-day Yunnan Explorer trip. They took some fantastic photos, which they've kindly offered to share with the Peregrine community. Here are a few of our favourite shots, with a little caption about each one from Tony:

Here's Qin, our local leader, on her birthday. This lovely girl is a brilliant guide and tour leader. Knowledgeable, well organised, very intelligent, good language skills, very attentive to us as clients, funny and quick witted. She made all the difference to our trip. This is taken at Black Dragon Pool Park, Lijiang:

Black Dragon park with Jade Dragon Snow mountain behind:

Chinese tractor. We saw hundreds of these little agricultural trucks. They seemed to be an improvised design with a two stroke "outdoor" engine with exposed drive belts and....well...everything else. We were told that they only cost about $2500

Bai girls in Dali old town:

Autumn colours, Tiger Leaping Gorge:

View point at Tiger Leaping Gorge. According to the legend, this is the rock that the tiger used to leap across the river:

Potter, working inside a Tibetan house in a village not far from Zhongdian. The family had been potters for generations. He worked from 9am to 6pm every day, only stopping for public holidays. The wheel was only turned by hand and the only lighting was from the window.

Prayer flags, near Zhongdian

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