Travel trends for the future

For Peregrine travellers, it's always been important to get off the beaten tourist path and see a destination with the guidance of a local tour leader, allowing them to experience things they may not get the chance to see or do while travelling on their own.

While this style of travel continues to grow, we are also seeing that travellers wat to immerse themselves even further in local cultures, experiencing even richer and deeper interactions within their chosen destinations.

For many people, finding enough time to do this is a challenge, so shorter tours with a particular focus are the perfect solution. Take the new 10-day Peregrine Thailand Master Cooking tour, for example. This offers the best of Thailand with a special emphasis on its world-famous cuisine.

Peregrine’s new European self guided walking and cycling tours are also a great way to immerse yourself in a particular region. With carefully designed and researched itineraries, detailed maps and route notes, Peregrine takes care of all the accommodation and luggage transfers between hotels. So after a day of exploring you arrive at your next stop knowing all your creature comforts will be there waiting. The 7-day Hilltops of the French Riviera is a wonderful way to explore a beautiful, quiet corner of France, just a stone’s throw form the frenetic French Riviera.


For those that are not so time-poor, epic journeys that offer in-depth experiences are also growing in popularity. Grand Africa - Cairo to Cape Town is an incredible 42-day adventure that takes you from one end of the continent to the other, with an itinerary that combines ancient history with wildlife and breathtaking scenery and plenty of time to enjoy these wonderful experiences.


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