Antarctica and the South Seas - The photography of Nick Garbutt

Professional photographer Nick Garbutt travelled with Peregrine to Antarctica last January on our Antarctica Peninsula, Falklands Islands and South Georgia expedition.


Nick said of the trip: ‘This was my first time visiting this part of the world and on numerous occasions I felt overwhelmed by the grandeur of my surroundings, which rendered me unable and incapable of taking photos. I just kept pinching myself and soaking up the atmosphere.’ Nick did manage to click off a few worthy shots, however, which you can view at his website. By Nick’s reckoning, it’s very hard to capture such a magnificent place, but the memories stay with you forever.


Nick spent three weeks aboard the Akademik Vavilov sharing a cabin with fellow photographer and Peregrine stalwart, Peter Lemon. Peter tells us Nick carried about 40 kilos of photography equipment – a little excessive, but from the looks of things at the hassle of carting all that was well worth it. Click here to check our some of Nick’s stunning photographs.


There were many highlights but, to name a few, Nick was enthralled by the bewildering profusion of wildlife, particularly the enormous King Penguin rookeries at Salisbury Plains and Gold Harbour on South Georgia, the graceful soar of the wandering albatross and the sinister grimace of the leopard seal.


Nick was enchanted by the landscapes too, particularly the magic and beauty of the sculptured icebergs around the Yalour Islands. Click here for more information about our Antarctic trips.


Nick Garbutt is primarily a wildlife photographer, but is also an illustrator, author and lecturer. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic and Outdoor Photography, among other erstwhile publications. His honours degree in zoology led him to living and working in various wild places around the world and, of course, to his career in wildlife photography. He is a two time winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.


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