A private family experience: Egypt and East Africa

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.

So goes an anonymous quote the McMillan and Lenon families read on a wall in Zanzibar. They agree wholeheartedly – after their recent private family tour through Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania, Kate McMillan and Cherie Lenon wrote to us about their trip that ‘surpassed expectations at every turn’. They were so chuffed with their experience we are pleased to share with you some of what they wrote. We are pretty chuffed too...

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I have never understood how or why people would prioritise travel over more ‘practical’ matters…but our trip to Egypt and Africa has made me completely revise my perspective. The impact our travel had on us as a family has been profound (I can’t think of any other word to describe it). In three weeks our daughters gained a deeper understanding of the Egyptian past, of the significance of the great migration, of tourism and conservation conflicts, of poverty and privilege. They have gained a deeper understanding of themselves and our family is richer for meeting the people and learning these things, and experiencing the beauty and grandeur of the people and wildlife of the African Continent…

The McMillan’s travelled with family friends on a trip organized by our Private Groups department. They combined a tour of Egypt with a safari through Kenya and Tanzania, ending up on the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar. In Egypt, they travelled from the Pyramids in Cairo through the major ancient treasures along the Nile. The longer stretches were covered by plane, and they stayed in accommodation that always had pools for the kids. In Kenya and Tanzania, they went on safari through the Serengeti, and stayed at Sopa Lodge in elaborate permanent camps.

The McMillan’s were particularly taken with how their local guides enriched the experience, particularly as a family with special requirements:

How we miss Yasser… Not only was he passionate about his country, its history and beauty, he took care of us as if we were visiting family. He had a special way with the kids, helping them practice their Arabic and sensitively taking charge of the children (who adored him) and giving the adults 'space' when he sensed the need. The guides we were privileged to meet, Ola in Cairo and Aiden in Luxor, made our experiences relevant and exciting. When Aiden shared with us his secret theories in Karnak Temple we all felt that we were in the presence of a real live 'Indiana Jones'. Sharing an Egyptian Feast at their local restaurant was truly special and the hospitality they extended to us was warm and genuine. Tears were shed and heart strings pulled when Yasser waved us off at Cairo Airport.


And in Africa:

If words are inadequate to explain the impact of Africa on our souls, they are absolutely inadequate to describe our respect and affection for Fredrick (our safari guide…and so much more)…This remarkable and inspiring man, so gentle in manner, knowledgeable about his homeland and so passionate about the environment and animals of Tanzania was a delight and privilege to meet.

We are so happy the McMillan and Lenon families had the kind of trip we hope everyone travelling with us will experience. Thank you to both families for allowing us to reprint their good wishes here.


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