Put yourself in this picture

We posted this image on Facebook recently, and invited our fans to play our new game, Picture Yourself With Peregrine. We also asked if they could picture themselves in the Arctic.

Here's a few of the responses from those who have been, and those who are still dreaming of their adventure:

  • Anne Cane Yes please
  • Leanne Falzon Would be amazing!
  • Maritta Adams A visit there would be nice.
  • Budget Travel Talk Definitely
  • Ryan Wrigley It's the one continent I have not been on, so yes it's on my to-do list
  • Vassiliy Bavro Yeah... let's do it!! :D
  • Pj Williams Will be there in January. Can't wait!
  • Karina Taylor Counting down the days here!
  • Jan Schramm This is on my vision board for 2012
  • Kerry-Anne Smith On the list for 2012!
  • Lilli Juracich I have to go to Antarctica.....soon!
  • Dave Ellis I went with Peregrine last year.... Amazing! Thanks for the everlasting memories!!!
  • Sondra Parish On our way - start our trip Sunday
  • Michelle Grindle ‎2013 here I come...
  • Diane Manson Ohhhhhhh ... this is SOO on my "wish-list!
  • John Johnson Went there on the Vavilov in Dec 08. Great trip. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Di Meyer Would love to do it again!
  • Noah Stephen Williams Wanna hear a pin drop or have part polar bear in ya to understand. It is almost a mythical place cause 90 percent of people can't handle the cold. booohooooooo
  • Jennifer Waring I would love to see it - so magnificent
  • Elke Moroz Would love to go there - glaciers, icebergs, penguins and other wildlife. What an experience and what memories to bring home, lots of pics.
  • Diane Tennie We travelled on the Vavilov in January/February 2009 - a wonderful experience. Great crew and fabulous passnegers
  • Deb Clift On the bucket list to eyeball an Emporer penguin :-)
  • Anne Jeffery Magical place, dreaming of another foray on the Vavilov.......

Have you played Picture Yourself With Peregrine yet? Thanks to our new Facebook App, you can put yourself and your friends in the picture. Once you've played, you can enter for a chance to win 2 spots on our Cusco and the Sacred Valley trip!

Simply choose from 10 stunning images (including this one) and import your Facebook friends’ profile photos to become part of the picture. 

The result is an intricate and striking mosaic made up of all your friends’ faces. Save it, share it or post it to your Facebook wall and get your friends to find and tag themselves. We've picked ten images from around the world, including cheetahs in Africa, mystic Machu Picchu, pyramids in Egypt and more. The App does the rest.

Start playing today, and you enter for your chance to win 2 spots on a trip to Peru!


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