Caught on film! Baby elephant takes first swim

Who doesn't love a baby elephant? They're saggy, baggy, floppy, funny little things that instantly make you go "Awwwww". 

So imagine my delight while on safari in Botswana I saw a baby elephant taking (what we presumed was) his first swim. We'd seen loads of elephants over the previous week but I never grew tired of watching them. So big yet so graceful, so destructive yet so gentle; and always, always eating.

This particular day we'd driven to the banks of a river to watch a herd of elephants crossing. The baby was so little we didn't even see him until all the other elephants had crossed and he peeped out from underneath his mum's legs. 

All the other elephants were waiting patiently across the river, as mum waded in with baby following closely behind. All we could see was a little trunk, stretched out in front like a snorkel and laughed as we imagined his legs kicking furiously under the surface.

About halfway across, mum slowed down and baby appeared to climb onto her back. That's when we realised he must have been getting quite tired.

Luckily I had my camera rolling, so instead of describing the rest of the story I'll let you watch for yourself.

But as you're watching keep this in mind: it wasn't until after we'd gotten back on the road that Spokes, our leader, told us that the entire time our truck was actually bogged in a hole. So it was a good thing he managed to start the engine when he did!

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