Peregrine's Chinese dynasty: Langer

Langer’s passion comes in two parts – one reserved for China, and one reserved for Peregrine. He’s as big an advocate for the brand as any company could hope for in an employee, and his dedication to showing his travellers the best of China is unrivalled. He’s a living, breathing and loveable manifestation of the Peregrine values.

How long have you been a Peregrine guide and how did you first get involved with Peregrine?
I have been a Peregrine guide for more than 10 years. Peregrine is one of the pioneering western tour companies that sent people to China. I had known the company before 2000 and loved the way they ran the tours. So I called, sent in my resume and joined the company in the latter half of 2002.

What do you love most about your country?
China is awesome. It has great dimensions of everything - history, geography, traditions and cultures, cuisines. It’s also the fastest-changing place in the world.

Where is your home city and what is your favourite thing to do/eat/see when you are home?
I come from Dali, a small old town in southwestern China’s Yunnan province. It’s a great place to chill and hang out. One will never be short of things to do in Dali: trek up the mountain, cycle around the lake, meet fellow travellers from around the world, see how locals go about their daily life, try some local cheese and fish. This is what I do and what you can do too!

In your years with Peregrine, what has been a highlight?

Peregrine wants their clients to experience a real China.  One of the highlights for me in leading the tours is that people can enjoy the great balance in group activities and personal free time, and a great diversity of means of transport.

If you were to give all travellers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be flexible and open-minded when travelling in China. One should come with open eyes and ears. It’s a time to see a different culture, to know a different way of life. Travelling is about appreciating things that are new to us.<

What do you like most about being a Peregrine leader?
Manageable size of group, great balance of group and personal activities, well-planned itineraries allowing people to see the real China in all of its different aspects.

Do your travellers try to keep in touch with you after their trip?
Yes, of course. Each personal contact after a trip is a good chance to build loyalty and trust.

Have you ever found yourself and your travellers in potentially dangerous situations that you've had to overcome?
None, except a few times we were inside the Tiger Leaping Gorge in bad weather!

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