Why East Africa needs your help

Travel can not only change you but it can also change the world. We know it sounds a bit corny, but here at Peregrine we believe individuals can make a difference, whether you have a lot or a little to give.

We are working with the team at Oxfam Australia to spread the word on the humanitarian crisis caused by drought, conflict and rising food prices in parts of Africa. We wanted to share with you some of our thoughts on why travelling in these regions is so important to making a difference to those who need it.

Warning: Visit Africa once and we are sure you’ll be dreaming about coming back for the rest of your life.

1. Travelling in a country, meeting the locals and experiencing their culture means you come home and spread the word about your incredible travel adventures. Spreading the word and sharing your love of a place encourages other people to explore this region and the circle continues.

2. This is a simple one but it’s a good one to remember: Tourism brings income into the local economy.

3. Volunteer your time. These days volun-tourism is becoming quite popular and the rewards you will get from giving up some of your time to help others will change your outlook forever. There are a number of great projects around East Africa who need skilled volunteers and also anyone willing to lend a hand and their time.

4. Tick a lot of items off your bucket list with so many world famous travel experiences in East Africa: how about trekking to meet the gorillas; safari-ing in the Serengeti; seeing the Big 5; exploring the spice island of Zanzibar; reaching the summit of one of the seven highest mountains in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro; or coming face-to-face with a Masai Warrior?

5. East Africa is full of friendly and inspiring people, meeting them and spending time in their communities will change your life.

"People know each other better on a journey"(African proverb) 

About the author: Our copywriter Erin has spent time living and working in East Africa, and is looking forward to returning over Christmas 2011. 

Donations: Please visit our donation page to support Oxfam's East Africa Food Crisis Appeal. You will be taken to the Oxfam site where you can make a secure payment.  The government has pledged to match all donations to the appeal until 30 November. So anything you give now will help twice as many people!

If you'd like to travel to this part of the world, you can request a FREE brochure or browse our list of African trips. 

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