Bhutan in full colour

Louise Southerden is an award-winning adventure travel writer and photographer who has recently reurned from a Peregrine trip in Bhutan.

She has provided us with some of her favourite images from the 9-day Dragon Kingdom trip and a little story about the origin of each one.

Take a look and see if you can pick a favourite!

Paro Valley. This fertile valley is the first glimpse most travellers have of Bhutan, because it has the country's only international airport

A 15-year-old monk I met on the Tiger's Nest walk - he and another monk his age were walking the track carrying a large container of kerosene for the lamps in their nearby monastery.

Funereal flags at sunset - throughout Bhutan, you'll see clusters of 108 fluttering white flags put in natural places to allow the spirits of the dead to fly free.


Bhutanese women in national dress, the kira, on the Tiger's Nest trail - lacking comfortable walking shoes or boots, some walk barefoot, carrying their street shoes to put on, and slip off, at the entrance to the monastery.

Sunset over a valley in Bumthang, central Bhutan.

About the author: Louise Southerden is based in Sydney, and her work appears often in The Sydney Morning Herald and other publications. She also blogs about travelling and living sustainably and responsibly on No Impact Girl. In between travels, she can often be found in the sea - her most recent book is Surf's Up: The Girl's Guide to Surfing. You can follow her on twitter

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