LOL Lemurs

We posted some funny images of lemurs on our Facebook page yesterday, and asked our fans to add captions.

In Madagascar, you can see eleven different species of these comical creatures in Anjozorobe Forest alone, but probably not before they see you!

They are curious, cheeky and have been described as looking like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog. Lemurs boast a range of characteristics, from wailing like a police siren (the indri lemur) to dancing across the sand like a tiny ballerina (the sifaka lemur)

Here are some of our favourite images and captions suggested by our Facebook fans:

@Juanita Corliss: Last one there gets the warm one.

@Anita Bentata: Now you females just sit here while we go and do our men's business.

@Meagan Dewar: You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out and you shake it all about

@Karin Clement: Um, where's the girls room again?

@Melissa McKenzie: On the cat walk, the cat walk. I shake my little toosh on the cat walk.

@Cheryl Walker: Yep! I look good says the little fella on the left...or am I missing something??

@Jennifer Francis: Ooom

@Juanita Corliss: Do you feel lucky punk, well do you?


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