Travel while the Aussie dollar is hot!

Aussie dollar burning a hole in your pocket? Now is the time to put it to use.

Research by the National Australia Bank shows us which destinations will get us the best bang for our buck. And for those into exotic, exciting, historic and thrilling adventures…the news couldn't be better

A list of 10 countries has been released, which compares the performance of the Australian dollar against the world's currencies over 12 months. And up the top? Turkey, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Always longed to see the Whirling Dervishes in action? The Australian dollar has soared 22 per cent against the Turkish lira, meaning the time to travel is now.

Peregrine's most popular trip is called Treasures of Turkey. And keep in mind we travel to over 90 countries. So what is it about Turkey that appeals to so many people? It could be the allure of the iconic Blue Mosque, named so for more than 20,000 handmade tiles adorning its interior. With more minarets than any other mosque in Istanbul, it also boasts 260 windows from which to view the beauty of its surroundings.

For some it’s the colourful labyrinth of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, with over 4500 stalls in which to bargain, haggle, taste and talk. Then there's the undeniable desire to see all those magnificent ruins. Lose yourself in the 13-layers of the lost city of Troy, dating back nearly 5000 years. Marvel at the largest collection of Roman ruins east of the Mediterranean at Ephesus. This impressive collection of reassembled ruins becomes even more mind boggling when you realise only 15% of the city has been excavated.

With the Aussie dollar currently at 18 per cent against the Tanzanian shilling, now is the time to go wild. And we mean that literally!

As Tanzania's largest and most famous park, the Serengeti offers some of the world's most unrivalled game viewing. It extends from the edge of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the shores of Lake Victoria and is home to herds of roaming impalas, topis, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, wildebeest, zebras and of course those beautiful big cats.

Boasting endless rolling plains broken only by the occasional acacia tree, lush forest, rivers and streams all under a wide blue sky dotted with intriguing cloud formations - it is heaven for the eyes.

Many are lucky enough to witness the Great Migration, but few ever forget it. Every year, over one million wildebeest are joined by tens of thousands of other grazing animals as they cross the vast plains of the Serengeti in search of good grazing. The entire journey is dictated by the seasons and the rainfall, needed to create suitable pasture.

History and progress sit comfortably alongside one another in Vietnam, and visitors are welcomed with open arms to watch as the country continues to blossom.

The Aussie dollar is at a whopping 16 per cent against the Vietnamese dong, which means you can afford to enjoy plenty of little luxuries while you're here.

Why not take along some designs and get yourself a tailor-made outfit in Hoi An? This charming old port city has been recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and its delightful Old Town is full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shophouses. But it’s the tailors who have become the most famous attraction.

The entire town is filled with alluring shopfronts and the promise of custom-made clothing with a fast turnaround. Some good advice is to take your time and shop around, don't be afraid to negotiate on price and be very precise with what you want. It's hard not to get carried away, but you could very easily come home with a wardrobe of quality suits, designer dresses and much more!

Make the most of the strong Aussie dollar. If you're saving your pennies for a rainy day just remember this: it's always raining somewhere in the world! So hop to it!

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