Our honeymoon with a twist

We were very excited to learn on Facebook that Kerry Pinkstone and her fiancee, Peter, are planning to spend their honeymoon with Peregrine in Antarctica. We spoke to the happy couple about the reasons behind choosing such an exciting and unusual destination for this big event!

Antarctica doesn't seem like the most obvious place for a honeymoon! What made you decide to go there?
We were flicking through the Lonely Planet guide to South America, researching the Argentinian leg, when we realised going to Antarctica was actually a possibility. We joked about it with our family and friends, thinking it would still be too hard to organise. We viewed the photo gallery on the Peregrine website, and the thought of being in one of the most untouched places in the world just seemed like an opportunity not to be missed! We just had to figure out a way to make it happen.

Was one of you more keen than the other? Did it take some negotiating or did you both choose this destination together?
Kerry: We were both as keen as each other! I used to really feel the cold. But I'll never forget the first time I saw a snowflake. We were in Japan, and there had been a huge dump of snow in 24 hours, and the area we had been boarding was closed due to risk of avalanche. So we got a sequence of chair lifts up and over the other section of the mountain where it was still snowing heavily. I looked down on my gloves and saw a perfect snowflake. It was the most amazing experience. Every time I think of that moment with Pete, I grin from ear to ear. And after that, I didn't hate the cold anymore!

Our last few holidays have been during our Australian summer, which means it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so we have been able to snowboard in Japan, Switzerland and Italy. So it's ironic that we are finally taking a summer holiday in the Southern Hemisphere, and are going to Antartica!

Peter: I used to work alongside the Australian Antarctic Division looking at Australia's role protecting the continent. Knowing it is such a fragile yet dramatic environment means I want to see it while I can, but with a company that respects the natural environment.

What are some of the trip highlights you are hoping to share?
We would love to see a pod of killer whales, poking up through a break in the ice. That would be a highlight of the trip. I really want to see the penguins.  And watch the sunset into the icy water.

Peter: I can't wait for the first moment looking from the ship and seeing my first iceberg! I know that moment will be magic, probably only surpassed by my first step on the continent.

Are you an adventurous couple by nature? What other exciting trips or activities have you done together?
We have been really fortunate to have seen a lot of Australia, particularly remote Australia. We have dived on the Great Barrier Reef, visited the Daintree and the salt lakes in the remote North West of WA. We can't wait to see another amazing natural wonder.

We got engaged in Paris in January this year, and spent the rest of the month travelling through Italy, exploring ruins, ancient underground aqueducts, and climbing Mount Vesuvias!

We have snowboarded in Japan, in Niseko and Hakuba, as well as Switzerland and Italy. The longest run is 15 kilometres, and only a third of the way into it our legs were burning and eyes were watering but we didn't want to stop. The terrain was amazing! We love pushing boundaries together, pushing each other to keep going. 

Not many people would think to take a group trip for their honeymoon. What was the appeal for you?
Anywhere you go, you're surrounded by people - even at home in Sydney. So we really didn't think of it as a group trip as we won't know anyone else. We just saw it as an adventure for the two of us, and the opportunity to create amazing memories that we will look back on for years and years to come!

What things are you most looking forward to about the trip?
We can't wait to ride in the zodiacs and actually set foot on the continent. It is somewhere that only a small number of people have ever been so we feel privileged to visit. We can't wait to see the wildlife including whales, penguins, seals and birds.

Describe your relationship in 4 words
Best friends, life partners.

Are any friends/family members joining you on the trip?
No, but many have offered and asked!

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