Flavours of Sri Lanka


Our 1991-1992 brochure is home to Peregrine's first Sri Lanka trip. It was a 15-day adventure that included hiking, wildlife, beaches and all the historic sites.


"Our leaders are unanimous in their praise of Sri Lanka as a tropical paradise. Superb uncrowded beaches that stretch for miles along a coastline fringed with coral and overlooked by jungle-covered mountains; wildlife reserves that are home to elephant, crocodile, leopard and a host of other animals and countless birds. These along with a rich culture, fascinating ancient historical sites, superb scenery and the pleasant attitudes of the people ensure any visit to Sri Lanka is a delight."



 Today's winning trip is Flavours of Sri Lanka, which is still 15 days and offers many of the same highlights that people were enjoying over 20 years ago with Peregrine. 


One of our favourite things about Sri Lanka is the cuisine.Sri Lankans love their spices, and all their food explodes with flavor. And they're not averse to a deep fried snack! It's like every nationality who has visited the island - Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arabs, Malays, Moors and Indians - all left their mark on its cuisine. 



Peregrine Managing Director, Glenyce Johnson, spent time in Sri Lanka recently. Here's one of her favourite food memories:


"I actually think it’s a toss-up whether the food is better in India or Sri Lanka. But it’s something about those curry leaves you get in Sri Lankan food that I think puts it ahead of India.


"I'll never forget  going to a tea plantation, and you ask for a pot of tea and they bring out the most amazing slice of chocolate cake to enjoy while you're drinking the tea. It will stick in my head forever. It's about 20c a slice and it’s just so obvious, I mean why would you have just a cup of tea on its own? They only offer chocolate cake - a big piece of chocolate cake with beautiful icing on top. And it doesn't sound it, but when you're there it's pretty special. 


Every Sri Lankan meal comes with rice. It will usually be mixed with chilli, pickles, chutney or a sambol. One of the most popular sambols has coconut is mixed with chillis, dried Maldive fish and lemon juice.


A Sri Lankan banquet is a colourful affair, with vibrant yellow curries, green vegetables and the spicy sambal. If you like it spicy, look out for amu miris, kochchi miris, and maalu miris on the menu. But be careful, your version of 'hot' might differ greatly to that of the locals!


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