Would you rather: Eat cautiously or try everything?

We recently asked our Facebook fans to take part in a travel debate.

The topic:
Are you overly cautious with food when travelling or do you throw caution to the wind and try the lot?

Try everything:
Most people were keen to try the local cuisine, but also understood the risks. Despite a few reports of Bali Belly and the odd dodgy tummy, it seems our Facebook fans are a pretty adventurous lot:

@Stephanie Buckle Throw caution to the wind, but as sensibly as you can eg. Eat food that you can see being prepared, that hasn't been sitting around. Mind you, we have had a few dodgy tummies in our time!
@Fleur Corin Throw caution to the wind and try the lot! Mostly been fine.
@Lina Gilis Zatzman Somewhere in between. Ate Pho in Hanoi without a problem, you gotta try the food!
@Stefan Strek Try everything everywhere, especially the beer.
@Kerryn Lee I eat like a local, and would also be guided by my guide.
@Julie Oates Salad in Bali gave us Bali Belly but we were craving green food and had a lapse of judgement. No problems in Vietnam, loved every meal!! Also no problems in India, maybe due to Travelan and ate mainly vegetarian.
@Virginia Bolton Somewhere in the middle ... will try the local food and restaurants-so far so good.

We also got some great tips about what to watch out for:

@Mark Kaminski Ate everthing in Egypt, Jordon, Isreal, no problems at all. The only thing I'm cautious about is the water in these places and drink only bottled. And in the Caribbean no ice in anything, the same for Mexico
@Karen Collins Ate chicken, fish and goat intestines while in Africa. Had no issues in four months. Would avoid salads though!
@Jeanne Osterwise When I went to Mexico I was careful of what I had at some of the places, other times I watched the locals and had what they did ... turned out yummy!
@Maureen Keane Depends where I am. I usually have meds though in case something doesn't settle right. But I'm usually up for a food adventure.
@Mark Kaminski It's always safe to drink the beer as it is pasteurised. Stay away from local made soda and milk and milk products except cheese.
@Jenny Gardner I'm not all that cautious but I do watch for raw foods or those washed in local waters. I got sick after eating ceviche in Lima at a buffet.
@Graham Dalby Try everything but not from every food outlet - listen to your tour leader. There are some places that are best to avoid, especially when you have eight hours on a bus the next day!
@Robyn Stonell A case of the runs isn't something you need on a long bus trip.
@Dianna Dawn Schwanke I like to try the local specialties - cuy, assorted bugs and exotic meats, but I am very cautious. No salad or fruit that doesn't peel, etc. My claim to fame was being in India for four weeks and never getting sick!

Eat cautiously:
There were a few travellers among the group who preferred not to take the risk. This seems to be a case of once bitten twice shy!

@Glenn Schofield I am always cautious and stay mostly vegetarian.
@Pauline Mulberry I'm cautious, I really don't want to feel sick, especially not on holidays.
@Jane Whatmough Occasionally thrown caution to the wind and paid the price.
@Suzanne Smalling Edler I ate fairly cautiously in Greece, Turkey, China, Mexico, Egypt, and Jordon. Then I threw caution to the wind in Paris and got salmonella the first day. Two weeks later ...
@Sue Blum Caution is good!
@Connie B I only visit safe countries; don't want to risk being sick and I only eat cooked foods.

Which side of the fence are you on? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Then follow us on Twitter and "Like" us on Facebook to take part in other upcoming travel debates.

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