Travel diary from Burma

“We visited a village and watched them make jaggery from the Toddy Palm tree. Jaggery is a solid candy that tasted almost like condensed milk, and we got to eat it straight from the pot. We watched as 250 monks walked past us, single file with their hands in prayer, chanting as they entered a temple.  One woman described it as a ‘trip of surprises’ because something unexpected happened almost every day.”

"We were supposed to go and visit a monastery in Mandalay before lunch, but it was too hot so we went back in the evening. I remember that it was sunset, and we were the only people there. As we stood up above the temple floor, we looked down as 250 monks entered in single file, their hands together in prayer. They were chanting all the way up to the temple entrance, where they took off their slittle slippers and came inside. I'll never forget this experience." 


"We saw a lot of industry, and a lot of it is still manual labour. We saw everything from girls rolling the cigars to a lot of beautiful weaving and seeing where they make the gold leaf. There’s a whole lot of industry there waiting in some ways, to be modernised. They’re big on lacquerware. And we saw some exquisite items being made in factories, from bowls to pot plants and furniture. They do a fantastic job of using their natural resources." 

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