Everest Adventure

Glenyce Johnson, our Managing Director says:

"Before I joined Peregrine in 1999 I had always planned to do a trek in Nepal. Within about five minutes of starting the job I had raced straight downstairs and booked my trip."

"I started in March, and headed off on my trip the following May. That was the first time I got away from my desk to actually go out and do a Peregrine trip. And it was really quite life changing. It’s the best destination to go to for your first trip because you get a sense of it as Peregrine’s flagship destination. It has that sense of remoteness, that sense of balance and that wonderful sense of achievement.

"Then there’s the bond you form with your local leader and porters. We all became very close.  There’s such a large group of local people involved, you really get a feel for the culture.

"To this day I judge my experience in the field by how emotional I feel at the end of a trip when I am saying good-bye to our leaders. And when I’m sitting at my desk contemplating my working day, I often reflect on the mountains of Nepal." 

A word from our passengers:

Days after launching our birthday celebrations, we had an email from Viv Dore. Viv came on one of our earliest trips in 1978. He said, "My first trip to Nepal was for a Langtang trek with Mick in 1978 and as I recall that was about his third trip as a leader. However, that was pre Peregrine and when it was called Walking Explorer."

Viv was kind enough to share some photos with us. We love the outfits! The guy with the long hair and overalls is Mick Chapman, who led our very first trek in 1978. And Viv is pictured on the left standing in front of the car. Thanks Viv!

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