Iconic Kokoda or a Vibrant Burmese Hill Tribes Trek?

Linking the southern and northern coasts of Papua New Guinea, the 12-day Kokoda Track trek offers an amazing walking experience with deep historical significance.

A highlight of the challenging 96km trail is visiting the welcoming local villages along the way as well as the various memorial sites along the way. Another option offering rich cultural experiences is a visit to the Burma Hill Tribes. Our 20-day Beyond The Golden Triangle trek reveals a colourful display of traditional dress as well as an insight into a variety of customs held by numerous ethnic minority groups living side by side.

The star hike: The Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

Explore the complete route of the Japanese invasion site starting from the village of Kokoda and eventually working our way west to Owers’ Corner (not far from the point where Australian troops first turned back the Japanese advance), perched high on Sogeri Plateau. By the time we arrive at Ower's Corner we will have completed a crossing of the central spine of Papua New Guinea, paid homage at all the main battle sites and also gained an appreciation of the rugged beauty of the region that includes the impressive Owen Stanley Range.

The lesser known: Burma hill tribes

The background: These two South East Asia treks offer very different experiences in terms of culture, landscapes and difficulty, yet they share an adventurous spirit, getting beyond the region’s big sights to dive into seldom-seen areas. Burma’s quiet east is home to minority hill-tribe villages, with trails connecting them through arable land

Why go: To see Burma in all its glory. By turns traditional then surprisingly brash and up-to-the-minute, the country’s east offers a complex view of the country, its hill tribes culture a world away from the country’s politics. The people are friendly, the communal lifestyle both compellingly alien and understandable. The scenery, by the way, is beautiful. The trails are relatively gentle, short hops that move through hilly countryside on the way to another bright and colourful local village where a warm welcome inevitably awaits.

The highlight: Our Beyond the Golden Triangle tourlasts 20 days, and takes sights in Thailand and Laos as well. The four days trekking in Burma’s east as a whole should really be viewed as a single highlight - we really take the time to get to know this unseen part of the world, and spend time with local communities. After all that exertion, spending a few days in Laos’ Luang Prabang offers gentle, serene relaxation in beautiful surrounds.

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