Family holiday tips for Vietnam

If you're looking for a great family destination where kids are welcomed with open arms, you can't go past Vietnam.

Here are just some of the reasons Vietnam is such a fantastic, family-friendly destination:

Kids are welcome
All children are welcomed with open arms, whether they are local kids or travellers. At some of the major sights your kids will probably feel like celebrities, as large groups of Vietnamese tourists crowd around and request a photo.
It might be a good idea to warn your kids about this beforehand, and let them know it's ok to feel overwhelmed - there's nothing wrong with politely asking for some space. But most will find themselves getting caught up in the excitement, and soon realise the Vietnamese only have good intentions.

Fussy eaters are well catered for in Vietnam. As well as lots of simple, traditional noodle and soup dishes that are easy on the palette, you'll find most places also offer western alternatives such as pizza, spaghetti bolognaise and toasted sandwiches.
If you can't see anything on the menu to entice, speak to the waiters and they will probably be able to help out, even if it's just a bowl of chips to settle a hungry tummy.

Your money will go a long way in Vietnam, and you'll be able to enjoy most of the major activities and sights such as the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi tunnels, markets, temples, water parks and more.

Fun to plan
Once you've decided on the destination, it's great to get the kids involved with planning. When it comes to Vietnam, Peregrine has two exciting itineraries to choose from. You'll have a blast Googling all the highlights and picking out your favourites.
Cruise and kayak around beautiful Halong Bay, take an elephant ride on Lak Lake, meet the Red Dzao villagers of Ta Phin, take a cooking class in Hoi An and snorkel in Nha Trang. There's so much to do your kids will make memories to last the rest of their lives.

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