A spin on the traditional family holiday

We all know there's nothing quite like packing up the kids, bikes, boogie boards and cricket bats for a trip to the beach during summer. But it's not until you've taken a wrong turn, the kids start fighting or you leave the dog at the service station that you remember how much effort it can be.

So why not try something different and take a family trip where all the hard work is done for you. It shouldn't just be the kids who get to kick back and enjoy the ride. Create some memories together and save your sanity at the same time!

Here's a few spins on the traditional Aussie family holiday:

Imagine stepping out of your tent in the morning, and digging your toes into lush green grass? And instead of taking a day trip on a steam train, you all board a camel to navigate the miles and miles of rolling meadows. Welcome to Mongolia, a place unlike any other camping ground you've ever been to!
On the Yaktastic Mongolian Family Adventure there will be plenty of laughs as you learn to ride a camel, and the kids will be exhausted from trying to spot the endangered Przewalskii horses and rafting along the Tuul River.
As the sun goes down, you can lay back and watch a blanket of stars illuminate the sky. And with no iPads, radio, mobile phones, TV or computers to distract you, the whole family can share their memories of the day before snuggling down to sleep inside the warm nomadic tents that the Mongolians call home.

A trip to the zoo:
Swap the glass enclosures for the great outdoors, and let your kids get up close and personal with some truly wild animals. Africa is home to some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet, and there's a real sense of adventure as you wake up each morning with no idea what to expect. On the Walk with Wildlife trip in South Africa, each day holds a different surprise; whether it's lion cubs rolling playfully in the grass or elephants taking a dip in the watering hole. Come face to face with the powerful, graceful cheetahs at Kapama Cheetah Project, and learn about their survival and conservation. Even the littlest member of the family will be able to snap some unforgettable photographs thanks to the array of animals parading past each day.

Whip up a feast:
It always seems like a good idea at the time - letting the kids loose in the kitchen to create a masterpiece only to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up after them. So why not try letting someone else take the lead, and you might even learn a thing or two yourself!
Let your little chefs shine on the Vietnam Family Safari, which includes a fun cooking class in Hoi An. Learn how to make your own spring rolls, and perhaps even try some new flavours you had never considered. Imagine the fun of whipping up a feast in your kitchen back at home, with everyone recalling memories of their trip to Vietnam and the people they met.
In Hanoi you'll also get to eat lunch at the KOTO restaurant, which stands for Know One Teach One. This unique concept helps disadvantaged youth and street children to become professional chefs or service staff. You will get the chance to meet and interact with these inspiring young people.

Ready to take your family somewhere extraordinary? Take a look through all our family adventures for inspiration. And if the tours or dates don't suit, Peregrine lets you create your own! We can help you tailor a trip to suit your family, so get a group together and choose your dates or simply surprise the kids! The choice is yours.

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