Peregrine Tour Leader of the Year 2010 - the winners

A big congratulations to our Tour Leader of the Year award winners. For each of the recipients, the award is richly deserved - their dedication, passion and knowledge helps ensure Peregrine tours are the best around, and without them that simply wouldn't be the case. Each year we receive countless pieces of positive feedback from clients on the hard work and enthusiasm of our tour leaders, so to all of you many thanks and keep up the great work!

Here's the list of winners in full:

Central Asia
Mr Davlat-Sho Aminov – Uzbekistan

China, Tibet & Japan
Mr Mao Fei (Danny) – China

India & Nepal
Mr Vishwaraj Singh Rathore – India

Brazil & Argentina
Mr Claudio Amaral.– Brazil

Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia
Mr Mario Salas – Peru

Mr Matteo Calloni – Italy

Mr Nguyen Duy Thang

Ms Sheila Lukide

East Africa
Mr Chris Kiarie – Kenya

Southern Africa
Mr Marshal Young – South Africa

Mr Ayman Mahmoud

Mr Osama Ziyoud

Ms Atika Ait Nejar

Mr Fadi Khayat

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