Backpack or suitcase: your responses

We recently posted a blog about one of the most common questions a traveller must ask themselves: backpack or suitcase? You can read it here.

We asked the question on Facebook, and got an overwhelming response. So we thought we'd lay it out for you here, and let you weigh up some of the pros and cons before making your decision. 

Here's the responses we got, split into either backpack, suitcase or a combination of the two:


  • Sandra Mead Backpack
  • Ryan Haynes Backpack definitely!
  • Kira Price Backpack
  • Dylan Brock Backpack
  • Debi Robinson Backpack, deck chair and a long cool drink!
  • Val Newman backpack
  • Jacqui Wilson backpack
  • Tanya Hodges backpack
  • Grace Penlain Backpack
  • Lorna Shuker Backpack 
  • Jody Golden Backpack
  • Nicole Weston Backpack!
  • Linda Bechter Backpack
  • Rosemary White Backpack for South East Asia & Canada, Alaska and suitcase for Europe and North America
  • Christine Louks Madar backpack
  • Diana Mould Backpack.
  • Wendi Hart Troy Wilks backpack
  • Lyn Learmonth Rhodes Backpack every time
  • Vanessa Mercer Backpack always. You don't ever want to drag a wheely suitcase through some of the things on the ground on the places I go to. Eeewww.
  • Mick Jones Backpack every time everywhere, couldnt carry a suitcase 80km into the wilderness
  • Matt Mulligan Backpack every time!
  • Pieta James Backpack
  • Alex Thompson Backpack anyday :)
  • Erlinda de Jesus Backpack
  • Ann Smith Backpack!!
  • Brett Kajewski Backpack
  • Denise Jamieson backpack!!!
  • Brett Kajewski Backpack
  • Robyn Stonell Backpack. Although as I get older, I'm starting to think there might be a time when the back just can't handle a pack anymore!
  • Peter Wirth Backpack. But a word of advice I was told a long time ago, which is still true... Do not bring more than you can carry... wise words indeed
  • Andrew MacFarlane It's never the distance that kills, only the pace. Backpack.
  • Tony Lewis Backpack
  • James O'Byrne Always the backpack!
  • Dianne Darley backpack anyday - not that I get away enough
  • Bruce Lean Backpack
  • Jan Mitchell backpack & someone to carry it for me ;-)
  • Robin Paul Stuart Whiting Backpack with smaller one attached which can be zipped/unzipped from the main bag - deffo.
  • Virginia Peck definitely backpack with a bit of space for taking home treasures
  • Chriss Jasper Backpack.
  • Dayle English Backpack for sure
  • Allie von Stieglitz Backpack for me :-)
  • Kerryn Lee Carry on, either way! I like a fast getaway from the airport.
  • Maria Zenaide Robbins backpack for sure!I loath suitcases !


  • Ron Hamilton Definitely a suitcase. And all backpacks to be checked in. Too many of us get thumped as backpackers move about the confined aircraft cabins. Ignorant sods don't think of removing them before boarding
  • Karina Taylor Nice lightweight samsonite 4 wheel suitcase
  • James Stevens suitcase
  • Antonietta Guglielmo Lombardi Suitcase. To relax and enjoy the sun!
  • Mona Brooks suitcase

Combination of both

  • Louise Goldsmith backpack with wheels for me
  • Belinda Crawford backpack for a weekender suitcase for longer travel
  • Leanne Barrett backpack with wheels!
  • Sarah Gaunt Backpack with wheels
  • Linylle Syntageros Backpack on arrival, suitcase with 'treasures' on return :)
  • Terrie Dempster Backpack with wheels!
  • Kate Moreland A hybrid really soft samsonite duffel style on wheels.... travels all terrain quite well!
  • Richard Kafka backpack and suitcase :)
  • Chantell Buggins Combo.....backpack with wheels. WINNER
  • Sam Harris Both!
  • Jacqueline Sergeant I've got the best HiSierra backpack/duffle with wheels that handles rough it.

Have you got a response to share? Leave it in the comments section below. Or head to twitter and Facebook to keep the discussion going with the rest of the Peregrine community.

If you've made youe decision and are ready to start thinking about a trip, why not check out all our destinations. There's something to suit every traveller!



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