Oxfam: Changing lives in Southern Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country where the smiles are as wide as the vast expanses of land. But it's also a country facing crisis.

Ethiopia used to experience drought every eight years or so, but now it's almost year to year. The situation makes it harder for people to maintain their livelihood. 

For most Ethiopians, livestock is the main asset, so in times of drought there is no food, no pasture for their animals and no water for the people. 

The Dawa River in Southern Ehtiopia is a source of life for the cattle herders who live in the village of Melka Guba. Oxfam saw potential for helping the villagers, and spent much time discussing options with them, moving away from the traditional means of earning money.

The solution was irrigated farming. Oxfam set up pumps which have tapped into the Dawa River, and 201 households are now reaping the benefits.

The first harvest was bountiful and green, and things can only get better from here for the people of Melka Guba.

Head over to Oxfam's blog to hear more, and to watch a video of how Oxfam is helping to change the lives of Southern Ethiopians.


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