The essence of Vietnam: Tuyen Vu

Tuyun Vu is about as passionate a Peregrine leader as you can expect to find. And over the course of the past four years, he’s made loyal friends of many of his travellers, who are blown away by his knowledge and the insight he can offer of his home country, Vietnam.

How long have you been a Peregrine guide and how did you first get involved with Peregrine?
I have been a Peregrine group leader for three years. I was given the opportunity to be a part of Peregrine by Mr.Long when PEAK Vietnam formed in 2010.

What do you love most about your country?
After six years working in tourism and running PEAK trips, I love the Vietnamese food and people the most. And the history of the country is the topic I share the most with my groups.

Where is your home city and what is your favourite thing to do, eat or see when you are home?
I come from Halong city where Halong Bay is located. I normally stay home with family and visit my relatives when I get back from a long trip, but my favourite food is seafood!

What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?
I think I like Halong Bay the most beautiful.

In your years with Peregrine, what has been a highlight?
The food experiences!

Which experience consistently surprises your travellers on the trips you run?
The cooking classes we take part in and the food.

If you were to give all travellers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Be careful with local traffic when crossing and walking on the street!

What do you like most about being a Peregrine leader?
The working environment and the independence I get to do my job.

Do your travellers keep in touch with you after their trips?
Yes! I have been building a long contact list over the last three years with them.

Have you ever found yourself and your travellers in potentially dangerous situations that you've had to overcome?
Yes, it happened in Mai Chau when we did a trekking tour after the rain, the road was so slippery but we had no choice but overcome it, and we did safely!

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