5 unique drinks to try around the world

There's bound to be a few sore heads around the country today, after yesterday's Australia Day celebrations. People gathered at barbecues, restaurants, parks, beaches and camping grounds to enjoy the sun and celebrate all things Australia.

There's no denying that Australians love a beer. And we also produce some incredible wines. But what can you expect to drink when celebrating Australia Day (or any day, really!) while you're out of the country? Here's five unique drinks to try around the world:

Raki, Turkey

This unsweetened liqueur has a strong anise flavor. It’s made from the skin, pulp and seeds of grapes – and is typically served with appetizers at the start of the meal. Raki is known as the national drink of Turkey, and is served either straight with some water on the side or diluted with chilled water, depending on your preference. When combining raki with water, it turns milky white.

Chicha, Peru

Chicha is a cloudy, somewhat sour drink that is traditionally made by women so as to not offend the mountain gods and corn goddess. The Incas used chicha for rituals and during religious festival, and because Incan culture is still very important in many areas of Peru, the drink lives on.

In some countries where chicha is popular, maize (corn) is fermented in large vessels. In Peru, the traditional way to make chicha is to grind maize and chew on it. The saliva moistens it, converting the starch to sugar so it can ferment. The drink is then made from the fermented corn and the longer it ferments, the stronger it is. 

You can get chicha all over Peru, but it's not always made in the traditional way (ie. by chewing the corn).Head to the villages around Colca Canyon if you want to sample the real thing.  

Snake wine, China
This is made by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. Some people take it a step further and mix the snake blood and bile in and consume it immediately as a shot!

You'll know it when you see it, as it's hard to miss large jars filled with with snakes and liquid! It can be found throughout China and South East Asia. It was traditionally drunk as part of Chinese medicine, because the snake has long been considered a healthy animal to consume. But nowadays it's seen as a drawcard for many tourists to try. 

Bia Hoi
This Vietnamese beer is very light and available all over the country. It's home-brewed and is unique because it tastes different in every place, coming in small batches.

Look out for the hand-written cardboard signs that say Bia Hoi. It's usually served in hole in the wall, makeshift bars and small restaurants. It's so cheap, that you can find bia hoi for the equivalent of about 25cents. Finding a tiny, open-air bar and sampling some bia hoi after walking around in the heat of Vietnam is the perfect break to your day.

Sazerac, New Orleans

Rye whiskey is the main ingredient in this drink. But it's very important to pay attention to how a traditional sazerac is made! First you must pack a rocks glass with ice, then take another rocks glass, moisten a sugar cube with water, then crush it. Then blend the sugar with rye whiskey and bitters before adding ice and stirring. Now you’re about half-way there! Toss out the ice from the first glass and pour in Herbsaint (an anise-flavored liquor), coating the inside of the glass before discarding the excess. Then strain the whiskey into the Herbsaint coated glass, twisting some lemon peel over it so the oil makes it way through the drink. You can rub the peel over the rim of the glass, but whatever you do, don’t put the twist in the drink. Its’ considered sacrilege.

This delicious drink has been popular in New Orleans since pre-Civil War times and no visit would be complete without tasting one.

What's the most unique drink you've tried around the world? Tell us about it in the comments section below, or share your stories on twitter and Facebook.

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