Q&A – Family travel in Nepal

Was it you or the boys who decided on the Himalaya as your next family trip and when you first told them what was their initial reaction?

The boys were always wanting to go and see Everest.  When I told them they were incredibly excited, and told some of their friends, whose families also came along.


When did you start your family training for the walking and what did the fitness regime consist of?

We started trekking about 6 months before we went.  It was great to have an excuse to go for family walks, the dog has never been so fit.  Walking, bike riding, anything that gets the heart pumping, we were doing it.


When you landed in Nepal what was the boys' reaction to Kathmandu?

They walked around Kathmandu with their mouths wide open, their 1st rickshaw ride they were giggling all the way, especially as we had a race with some of their friends; they loved the temples, and bartering with the shop owners.


How did you all find the trekking part of the trip?

The kids would just about run all the way with the Sherpa guides, and if any of them got tired the Sherpa guys would piggy-back them.  No problems at all with the trekking.


Any tips on handy things to pack?

Pens and books that you can give to schools en-route are good; pictures of your home country to show other children in Nepal.


What was the highlight of the trip for you?

Seeing the kids’ reaction when the clouds parted and they finally saw the highest mountain in the world.


What was the highlight of the trip for the boys?

Buying a small hand made Yak in Namche Bazaar that is still proudly on display in their bedrooms; and riding elephants in Chitwan National Park.


Any hints for families thinking of travelling to the Himalaya in the near future?

Go for it; it is the most wonderful thing you can do as a family. Definitely go to Chitwan after trekking, as it is great opportunity to chill-out and the kids love it.


Rod Griffith, our sales star in New Zealand travelled on our 11-day Everest Unveiled family tour and followed it with the 3-day Chitwan National Park extension with his two boys, Max (10) and Zac (8) and his wife, Marion.

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