Passang Sherpa: a Peregrine legend

“If you're looking for the absolute epitome of what it means to be a Peregrine leader, Passang Sherpa is it. Having followed in the footsteps of his late father, Pema, one of the original Peregrine guides, Passang has gone on to become one of our most admired employees.

“Since 2008, he's been leading our travellers through Nepal and offering them the best advice, guidance and insights along the way. He's a friendly, proud and charming man - the kind of person you remember for a lifetime. One of our proudest moments as a company came when Passang became the youngest Peregrine leader to scale Everest in May 2013. I’ll say it again: Passang is the epitome of what it means to be a Peregrine leader. We're blessed to have him on board.” – Steve Wroe, Peregrine General Manager.

How long have you been a Peregrine guide and how did you first get involved with Peregrine?

I have been working for this company since 2008 as a guide. After the sad demise of my father back in 1999, some of his colleagues from Peregrine helped me learn guiding skills and I started working as an assistant guide with them – something I did for few years, before becoming a leader myself.

Where’s home, and what’s your favourite thing to do when you’re there? I was born and raised up in Lukla, the gateway to Everest. Usually when I go back home I go and visit my childhood friends and my relatives. I mostly eat Sherpa foods when I am home.

What do you love most about your country? I love the natural beauty, culture, way of living and the people of Nepal. What is the most beautiful place you've been to? As I was born in the mountains they are always attractive to me. But then when I was in Thailand in 2010, I loved the ocean and loved the beaches.

In your years with Peregrine, what has been a highlight? Working with Peregrine for these many years learnt many things that have brought a big change in my life and I proudly say to everyone it's the best company to work with.

Which experience consistently surprises your travellers on the trips you run? Being a local from Himalaya and lately being able to stand on top of the world in 2013.

If you were to give all travellers one piece of advice, what would it be? One piece of advice to travellers… it is more of a slogan than advice but it may work... life is an adventure or nothing.

What do you like most about being a Peregrine leader? Peregrine is the first company in Nepal to run all the trip with a local leaders and I am happy to be part of it. I also love being able to lead different trips with different people from across the globe.

Do your travellers try to keep in touch with you after their trip? Yes, even after the trips they are in touch.

Have you ever found yourself and your travellers in potentially dangerous situations that you've had to overcome? Yes. Once there was a heavy snowfall for 48 hours and we all got stuck in Gokyo, but my assistant guides were able help the travellers walk out of the valley taking a safe route back to the other camps.


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