Antarctic Explorer

Today is the final Peregrine Story in this series. What a journey! Over the past seven weeks we’ve delved into our vaults to bring you some of the most interesting stories and inspirational images from our history.

To finish on a high, we’ve decided the final trip up for grabs is our Antarctic Explorer.

Peregrine’s Managing Director, Glenyce Johnson, has the last word with this wonderful story about the launch of Peregrine’s polar trips:

I started with the company in 1999 as Financial Controller, and I’ll never forget during my interview that Rob talked about wanting a ship to go to Antarctica from Argentina.

As a finance person I’m thinking “Really?” And then he talked about wanting to lease this ship from the Russians and I was thinking about the language barriers and everything that went along with it, and just said “Oh my god, that sounds like a nightmare”. I remember thinking to myself, “He probably won’t pull that off”.

But at the end of 1999 Peregrine was the proud owner of a 52-berth ship called the Boris Petroff and it was destined for Antarctica.

“Rob was on that first voyage. After all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making this voyage happen he just couldn’t have been more proud. They got all the passengers on the ship at 4pm and planned to depart at 6pm. But there was one small problem – they didn’t have a departure certificate. So the authorities wouldn’t let them go. It seemed quite stressful at the time, but in the grand scheme of things it was delayed by about 14 hours and then they headed off.

And that was the start of the polar program for Peregrine.

Win your way to Antarctica!

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