We send the Royals on holiday

On Saturday 2 June this year, the Queen will celebrate 60 years on the throne. Celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee are happening right across the UK, culminating in a special event this weekend.

So when all the ceremonies, parties, soirees, processions and concerts wind up, we figure a few members of the Royal Family could do with a holiday.

See where we think they should go to shake off the shackles of royal duty and let their hair down (well, those of them who still have hair...ahem, William).

The Queen and Prince Philip

A lady of the Queen's standing needs an escape from the crowds, where she can put her feet up and enjoy a nice refreshing drink. A trip to the wide plains of Kenya could be just the ticket, and give her the chance to look up at a blanket of stars rather than the usual London smog.

She's known as quite a snappy dresser, favouring block colours and dainty hats for most outings. But how do you think Her Madge would look in one of the red chequered cloth and colourful beads of the Masai people? And surely Phillip's as tall as a Masai warrior, so we think he'd love getting involved in a lively adumu - the iconic jumping dance performed by a circle of Masai warriors.

And they're both used to a bit of 4WD action thanks to the rolling Scottish hills surrounding Balmoral Castle, so a game drive in the Masai Mara would be ideal. They could take a back seat and spot wildlife such as lion, leopard, cheetah and elephants. Not a paparazzo in sight, thank goodness.

Kate and Wills

It's been a whirlwind of non-stop activity since these two lovebirds walked the aisle at Westminster Abbey. So after the Jubilee is over we think they should chill out and cruise the Kerala backwaters of India. 

From the palm-fringed beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the undulating hills of Munnar, the pristine backwaters of Kumarakom to the enchanting woods and forests of Thekkady; Kerala provides an escape from the stresses of modern day royal life.

As they cruise the emerald waters of the interconnecting system of rivers, canals and lagoons all their worries will instantly melt away. 

It will also give Kate and Wills a way to witness Keralan village life without feeling intrusive. Life is played out on the water, and they'll  see women in bright saris washing clothes; children smiling and waving hello; fishermen in lunghis raising Chinese fishing nets and canoes overflowing with freshly picked coconuts.

Kate has often looked in need of a good feed, and here she'll have her pick of fresh vegetables, exotic fruit and locally-grown aromatic spices. The delicious South Indian curries are nothing like ones they're probably used to – they are much less saucy, with more subtle flavours and unusual ingredients such as jackfruit and tamarind. 

Prince Harry

With that ginger hair and fair complexion, chances are a beach holiday wouldn't be high on old Harry's list. But he's known as a bit of a party boy, so what better way to release all that energy than by heading to Kyoto, Japan and visiting a local kendo school? Here, he would learn traditional samurai sword fighting techniques and dress up as a samurai to practise on some poor, unsuspecting fool.

Then he could head over to Nijo Castle, the former home of the Tokugawa shoguns to learn the secrets of the legendary ninja warriors (pictured above). To ward off intruders, the genius carpenters of Daitokuji temple installed floorboards that ‘sing’ - so even the lightest footstep will set these uguisu-bari, or nightingale floors off. Let's hope Harry is as light on his feet here as he appears on the dancefloor.

Which country would you send the Royal family to, given the choice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Or head to twitter and Facebook to chat about it with other Peregrine travellers.

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