5 packing essentials for the Kokoda track

Antonina Indomenico is a tourism student doing some work experience in the Peregrine office.

There are a few essentials that should be at the top of everyone’s list when packing for their Kokoda track journey. They include:

1. Water
Let’s not forget that H2o to keep hydrated! The track will be physically challenging and tiring so replacing those lost electrolytes will be the key to fighting fatigue and staying strong and hydrated along the journey.

2. Walking shoes
Supportive and comfortable walking shoes are essential to ensure the most important part of your body needed to complete the trail is in good shape. Sore feet is the last thing you’ll want to suffer from on the trail. It’s definitely worth spending that little bit of extra cash on a great pair of shoes to make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons (and not because you couldn’t sleep at night due to blisters the size of oranges)

3. Toilet paper
Toilet paper is a definite must. You don’t want to get stuck using leaves and bark! More importantly, remember to store your toilet paper in a waterproof, zip-lock bag to avoid having to use wet toilet paper (eww!)

4. Sunscreen and a hat
Protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. Along the way, you’ll experience both super warm and cooler temperatures so to avoid being burnt to a crisp, remember to slip slop slap every 4-6 hours and wear that wide brimmed hat even when you think the sun is hiding! Remember that you will get burnt even when it’s overcast

5. Camera 
Take as many snapshots of your journey as possible. Even when you think you’ve taken enough, take even more! You’ll definitely want photos to look back on after this unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. 

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