Insider tells: The hidden secrets of Positano

When most people look at a picture of Positano, they see the famous beach, the gorgeous waters of the Mar Tirreno or the beautiful buildings stacked one upon the other in the town’s signature fashion.

But Peregrine local leader Francesco Carpegna saw something quite literally beyond the obvious; the mountains behind Positano, and the untold possibilities they held.

A lifelong passion
Francesco has been leading Peregrine trips in the area for five years and the Lattari Mountains are his passion.

"Showing them to people, sharing with them the extraordinary beauty and the energy of them, this is my mission!" Francesco enthuses. While walking in the mountains with Francesco you’re likely to bump into locals collecting mushrooms and berries, you’ll eat at little local restaurants where you’re the only foreigners, and you’ll get a real sense of the depth of history.

"What also moves many people that travel with me is the continuity of the history here. And you can physically walk through that antiquity and see it unfold before your eyes," he says.

Pathway of the Gods
Behind Positano, the Lattari Mountains are home to many jaw-droppingly beautiful walking trails including the legendary Pathway of the Gods. This path really lives up to its name, as it winds through forests and fields of wildflowers, past ancient stone huts and sheer walls of granite. And all the while the sea glistens up ahead and along side.

For those heading to the Amalfi Coast, Positano is high on the list of must-sees but go beyond this stylish town and you’ll find views to die for and an area often missed by the tourist buses. Sometimes it takes the eyes of a local to see more than the map in your hands and the footpath ahead.

Not surprisingly, Francesco is a keen advocate of the Positano way of life. "The people here are very warm with travellers. They are very keen to learn and talk, and most visitors here slip into the local way of life after just a day!"

So, anyone up for a change of pace in Positano?

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