A look through the Peregrine archives

Glenyce Johnson, Peregrine’s Managing Director, first started in 1999. She came on board as Financial Controller and has witnessed everything from the launch of our first Antarctic trips to the introduction of our luxury brand, Peregrine Reserve in 2012.

“When I joined Peregrine, I’d already travelled to 80 or 90 countries. So it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. They were looking for a Financial Controller and I was looking for something that aligned with my passion for travel and the two seemed to mix nicely,” she said.

“For me the past thirteen and a half years has been quite amazing. What I didn’t realise was what an adventure I’d really be on.”

Take a look at our old brochure covers to see part of the journey we’ve taken over the years. Which one is your favourite?










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