CNN votes Burma among top three places to visit in 2012

CNN recently voted Burma in their top three places to travel in 2012. There's no argument from us - we think it is truly one of the most incredible, beautiful and untouched places left on the planet.

Glenyce Johnson, Gecko's Managing Director, has just returned from a 12-day trip around Burma. She said, ""I’ve got to say, everything seemed to be exceptional about this destination. There’s only two other countries where I’ve taken more photos, which are Nepal and Antarctica"

Here, Glenyce shares some of her incredible insights with us, highlights by some really wonderful images:

"One of the most magical days came when we were visiting a temple. All of a sudden we were surrounded by a group of people, giggling and pointing. They had never seen tourists before, as they only come down from their hilltop village about twice a year. They asked our leader if they could touch us, and we held out our arms and they ran up to us, laughing and patting our skin. They couldn't get over how tall we were, and were particularly interested in our freckles."

"Burma is one of those countries that’s going to gain a lot of momentum very quickly. Some of its appeal is just the natural beauty of a country that’s largely untouched by tourism."

"Being a Buddhist country, there are monks everywhere, which is fascinating. They were very friendly and keen to speak English. The people learn English in schools but don’t get much opportunity to practise it, so we spent a lot of time chatting and answering their questions."

When I first got back, I went to my local supermarket and realised I was still smiling and nodding at everyone! It must’ve looked quite strange but that’s just what you do in Burma. It really is the land of smiles. 

"One of the highlights was sitting on a small river boat in Mandalay, watching the sun set across U Bein bridge, the longest teak bridge in the world. We just watched the people coming and going at the end of their working day. There were people walking and riding bikes and there was something quite special about watching everyone going about their business, totally oblivious to us." 

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