• 5 of the world's best helicopter rides

    What better way to experience some of the world’s most fascinating sites than in the air? These helicopter tours give you a whole new outlook on some stunning destinations.

    Victoria King tells gives a rundown of the world's best helicopter rides:

  • Image of the week: Bryce Canyon National Park

    Today's image of the week is from our very own Steve Wrote. It is the stunning Bryce Canyon National Park, USA.

    Here are some things you might not know:

  • 3 ghoulish festivals around the world!

    In honour of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, we look at three festivals around the world that celebrate the dead. They're not as morbid as you think!

    Near Death Festival 
    Every year in Las Nieves, Spain, people who have suffered a near death experience in the past year attend the Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme. This is a Mass in celebration of the Patron Saint of resurrection.

  • Travel: Embrace the difference

    One of the most exciting things about travel is the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. You are given the chance to see, hear, eat and smell things you have never tried before, and might never try again!
    But even the most seasoned traveller can experience culture shock in certain situations.

  • Wildlife in the Gal├ípagos Islands

    Our Galapagos tour leaders, Annie and Woody Inglis, take us through what you can expect as you explore this living evolutionary laboratory:

    It's clear why the Galápagos Islands are also known as the Enchanted Isles. The varied and dramatic landscapes provide habitat for diverse and abundant wildlife. No pictures, books or documentary films can prepare you for what will be seen and experienced.

  • Which country had the power to change you?

    We posted a blog recently about how travelling to India has the power to change you. We asked our Facebook fans which country has changed them, and we were overwhelmed by the response.

  • Image of the week: Kerala backwaters, India

    This image was taken along the Kerala backwaters in India by Natalie Neal.

    Here's some facts about this stunning part of the world:

  • Why we love it: Japan

    This is the next in our Why We Love It Series. We are using this series to showcase some wonderful blogs written by passionate Peregrine staff members. Each blog focuses on a different destination, and today's is about Japan:

    Japan...what a place! Definitely a world of its own. From the moment I arrived I loved it. Tokyo is a crazy, exciting, addictive place, from the neon lights and outrageous fashion to the busy streets and flashing games arcades. I had so much fun there.

  • The world's best beverages - as voted by you!

    We recently asked our Facebook fans to nominate their favourite beverage when travelling. Is yours on the list? Or perhaps you are heading off soon and need some hints.

    Take a look through the list below to stir your memories, or maybe they'll just inspire you to stir a cocktail in your kitchen at home!

  • See the Arctic through a leader's eyes

    Read Peregrine expedition leader David "Woody" Wood's fascinating account of his recent Svalbard, East Greenland and Iceland voyage:

    Sailing across to East Greenland we had calm seas and light winds - an auspicious start to the second stanza of our voyage.

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