• Culinary cooking tour in Vietnam

    A recent Peregrine tour headed off to discover the exotic tastes, smells and sights of Vietnam. The 10-day Vietnam Culinary Journey goes beyond the major highlights and delves into the heart of this fascinating country. 

    The group sent us some great images, and we wanted to show you the sorts of thing you can expect from market trips, cooking schools and excellent sightseeing on this culinary adventure.

  • Food for the soul

    If a trip to Paris is for feeding your shoe addiction, and a trip to India is for feeding your spiritual side...then a trip to the Deep South is for feeding your soul.

    With its roots in the rural south, this hearty cuisine is all about comfort. Also known as "soul food", it's about basic, down-home cooking to put a smile on your face and a few extra kilos under your belt!

  • Why we love it: Hungary

    This is the next installment in our series of "Why we love it" blogs. Each blog was written by a Peregrine staffer feels a special connection with that destination. Today's inspirational piece is about Hungary:

  • Feel on top of the world

    There's nothing quite like strapping on a pair of sturdy boots and setting to hike along well-worn or relatively undiscovered trails.

    A visit to the French and Swiss Alps can offer a spectacular change of scenery, as you fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and see some of the world's most spectacular mountain vistas.

  • Africa's other Big Five

    When planning a trip to Africa, you'll become familiar with the concept of the Big Five: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard. They're called the Big Five for the difficulty in hunting them, rather than their size.

  • Stunning Sardinia

    Sardinia is a sparkling jewel in the Mediterranean's crown, famous for its white sandy beaches and forested mountain peaks. 

    We share four of the top sights not to be missed as you make your way around the island:

  • Image of the week: Lake Bled, Slovenia

    Picture yourself taking in the views of Island church on Lake Bled, Slovenia.

    Our stunning image of the week was taken by Saxon Templeton

    Remember that we have 10% off all Europe tours, if you book by 30 November 2011

    Trip of the week: Jewels of the Adriatic 

  • Warning: India will change you

    You know when you visit some countries, and they're unlike anything you could ever have imagined? 

    India is not that country.

  • Our visit from Mao's Last Dancer

    We were extremely privileged to have former ballet dancer Li Cunxin visit the Peregrine office yesterday.
    Li is the author of Mao's Last Dancer, the 2003 Australian Book of the Year, which describes his journey from Beijing to America and finally to Australia where he still lives today.

    Mao's Last Dancer begins in poverty-stricken Beijing, where more than 38 million people died of starvation between the years 1958 and 1961.

  • Sip your way through Spain

    Food is an important part of Spanish culture, but no meal would be complete without something refreshing to wash it down with.

    We take a look at three of Spain's most delicious exports and leave you with a recipe for fresh, fruity sangria to get the fiesta started!

    As Spain's equivalent to champagne, cava is a light, dry sparkling wine that has a very important place in Catalan culture and cookery.

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