• Life on the ice

    The ice is nice, but it’s the penguins that make the party in Antarctica.

    Gentoo Penguins in particular, a variety found in the warmer extents of Antarctica’s icy edges, kill time on land by stealing pebbles from each other and starting new arguments with their neighbours. Pebbles and stones are the main construction materials for building a nest, but it takes a brave penguin to wander through the rookery and grab a small rock.

  • 5 unmissable things to do in Alaska

    With thousands of miles of unspoiled scenery and hundreds of mountains and lakes, Alaska is definitely a place you should put on your to-do list.

    It's home to North America's highest peak, Mt McKinley, along with grizzly bears, caribou, whales, glaciers and numerous historical sites.

    We've rounded up five things to do while you're there, to help make the most of your time in this popular destination. 

  • To the far side: The Weddell Sea

    A lot of people visit the wonderful western side of the Antarctic Peninsula. But on the other side there is also a treasure-trove to be discovered. This comes in the form of the northernmost parts of the Weddell Sea, the Engine Room of Icebergs, and its associated islands.

    This is an area entwined with two of continent’s greatest sagas of history and exploration. 

  • 5 iconic movie destinations to add to your wishlist

    The silver screen has immortalised many destinations across the globe, from the lost island paradise in The Beach to the iconic bridge from the World War II classic - The Bridge on the River Kwai.

    With Oscars buz z in the air, what better reason to add a destination to your wishlist than to visit some of the unique and iconic places that have inspired filmmakers and movie-goers for decades!

    Here are our top 5 iconic movie destinations:

    1. Gorillas in the Mist – Rwanda

  • Tips for photographing the Arctic

    In so many ways The Arctic is overwhelming.  It is simply huge in scale, and in many cases travellers into the region can be made feel like they are little ants in a world of snow, ice, and water. It is also such a foreign place to most, as very few people live in a world anything close to resembling the Arctic.

  • Essential Vietnam

    Tom Neal Tacker writes for Naked Hungry Traveller, an Aussie online magazine that bares the truth on travel experiences with stories, reviews, news, tips and pics.

    Vietnam stretches for nearly 1,500 kilometres from its northern border with China to its vast Mekong River delta in its southern extremity. A mountainous spine bridges the northern, central and southern regions. 

  • Feast cookalong: Laotian pork laap salad

    Alix Clark is the editor of SBS food magazine Feast. In this regular series, she will choose a different dish from Feast magazine and recreate it in her own kitchen:

  • Oxfam in East Africa: 6 months on

    In 2011, parts of East Africa were affected by the worst food crisis of the 21st century. People suffered prolonged drought and poverty, and were desperately in need of help.

    Oxfam Australia put out a call to everyday Australians, who in turn made donations that helped provide 2.8 million people with humanitarian aid in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Your donations helped to provide urgent relief, and develop sustainable solutions to provide food for the future.

    To all the generous donors out there, this video is for you!

  • Burma - land of smiles and surprisingly good Italian food!

    Peregrine's Managing Director, Glenyce Johnson, went on our 12-day Burma Unveiled trip over the new year.  Glenyce loves to travel, and has visited over 100 countries. So it's pretty impressive that she has now placed Burma in her top 10 list of favourite places!

    We sat down to chat with her recently, and heard some fascinating stories about this increasingly popular country:

  • Planning your roadtrip to the United States

    Sarah Yates says that when planning a road trip across the United States of America, there are a few things it pays to keep in mind:

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