• Walking the Great Wall

    There is an old saying in China “you are not a man until you have been to the Great Wall!” With that kind of tourism mantra, it’s no wonder The Wall has a sort of ‘been there, done that, got the T-Shirt’ kind of feel to it.

  • Annapurna Dhaulagiri

    Thirty five years ago, Peregrine trek leader Mick Chapman pioneered the Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek in Nepal’s Annapurna range. Since then, it has been one of our most popular treks, heading away from the ‘tourist trail’ into remote and stunningly beautiful parts of the mountains.

  • Amazing Thailand - a foodie's journey

    You know our history in Thailand, you know how long we’ve been going there and the sorts of things you’ll experience on Amazing Thailand trip (read our blog if you missed out).

  • Inca Heartland

    Social media has become an important tool for Peregrine over the past few years, and we love connecting with our passengers and fans on Facebook. Each day we provide a stunning, inspirational image and invite people to engage with us and also with one another.

    We recently posted a question asking how people prepared for the Inca Trek. So here it is, straight from those who have already been there:

  • Classic Morocco

    We started using local leaders exclusively in the mid to late '90s and haven’t looked back since. Our local leaders often end up being the highlight of our trips. Their insights on the best chai in Delhi, the cheapest carpets in Marrakech, Uzbek wedding traditions and how to say ‘no, thank you’ in Swahili bring experiences money can't buy.

  • Everest Adventure

    Glenyce Johnson, our Managing Director says:

    "Before I joined Peregrine in 1999 I had always planned to do a trek in Nepal. Within about five minutes of starting the job I had raced straight downstairs and booked my trip."

  • Best of East Africa

    Back in 1985 Dian Fossey was busy studying the gorillas in Rwanda while we were launching our first tour in East Africa – the 16-day Grand Safari through Kenya.

    Although a visit to the gorillas wasn’t on the itinerary (we started trekking to see the Congo’s gorillas in the early 90s) lots of our staff members have been lucky enough to spend an hour with these incredible animals over the years.

  • Burma Unveiled

    San Khoo is a colourful character around the Peregrine offices. We could sit and listen to his stories for hours. San has a long history with Burma, and was actually asked to put together our very first Burma program back in 1995.

    Related trips

  • The Ganges, Taj and Raj

    In January 1978, Peregrine’s Himalayan Operations Director, Mick Chapman picked up a group of people from the Delhi airport and took them to see the Taj Mahal. And that was the start of Peregrine tours in India.

  • Japan Revealed

    What’s funny about Japan – other than pod hotels, vending machines that dispense used underwear and beer milk of course - is the contrasts.

    On one hand, you have wilderness, the great outdoors, searing landscapes, and amazing outdoor pursuits. On the other, high rise living, insane technology and one of the most populated cities in the world.

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