• Inca Trek

    We started taking groups to Peru in 1984. As a trekking company, it was inevitable that we would want to show people this incredible part of the world.

    Our first trips to Peru visited the Inca Trail, and the brochure said, “The whole area reeks of glorious history”. We couldn’t agree more!

  • Amazing Thailand

    San Khoo has been with Peregrine since 1995. He’s been to 97 countries and is a bit of a legend around the office thanks to his colourful stories and ability to make friends anywhere in the world.

    San started out with Peregrine as a tour leader, later he moved into the office as operations manager for South East Asia and China, always taking regular trips to keep an eye on things and also fulfil his love of travel!

  • Colours of Africa

    Peregrine kicked things off in Africa in 1984 with a 22-day canoe trip down the Zambezi in Zimbabwe. Since then we’ve extended things north and west to go on game drives, trek up mountains, laze on beaches and spend time at incredible community projects like the East Africa Mission Orphanage in Kenya.

  • Happy birthday Peregrine!

    It’s been 35 years since we launched our first adventure in Nepal. To celebrate, we’re giving away 35 trips in 35 days – our biggest giveaway ever!

    We’re kicking off the fun with a trip to where it all began for us - Nepal, where back in January 1978, Mick Chapman led two American travellers around the Annapurna Sanctuary.

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  • Image of the week: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Dreaming of a white Christmas?

    The Europe earlybird gets the worm. So book your 2013 escape today and see Christmas how Bing Crosby described it. Today’s image is of Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Our picks: Hotspots for 2013

    Take a look at two of our favourite, can't-miss destinations for 2013. The hardest part is choosing where you'll go first!

  • Image of the week: Antarctica

    White noise

    The silence in Antarctica is deafening. Confused? You’ll understand once you’ve been there. It’s something to do with the wide open spaces and all that white. You’ll get a shiver up your spine the first time you hear an iceberg calving – and again every time you conjure up the memory.

    Take a step into this unexplored land, and for a limited time get up to 25% off all Antarctica trips in the 2013-14 season

  • Kids choice: Picking the perfect family holiday

    My name is Ben, I’m just a normal teenager. I struggle to get out of bed before 10, I find talking to my parents painful and school is a drag. The only thing that makes school liveable is the thought of holidays and the opportunity to travel around the globe.

    So parents, here is my guide to picking the location to your perfect family holiday:


    Vietnam is a country that is waiting to be explored and tasted, with amazing sights and even better food.

  • South Korea's great outdoors

    When you think of South Korea, it's generally images of the bustling metropolis of Seoul that spring to mind. But we want to change that.

    To us, South Korea is a country full of surprises, dotted with misty mountains, unspoiled fishing ports, bustling markets and sleepy country villages. Take a sneak peek into our newest destination.

    And if you're feeling particularly adventurous why not check out our new trip to North Korea. 

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