Penguins & polar bears: Same same but different

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They both love to swim, they both love to eat fish and they both thrive in some of the harshest climates in the world. But the penguin and the polar bear are destined never to meet.

Eye of the Tiger’s Nest


Commonly known as The Tiger’s Nest, this temple in western Bhutan boasts a pretty colourful history.

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Want to know how to pack for your trek? We asked the expert


Steve Wroe, our Himalaya Destination Manager and trekking aficionado, gives us a rundown on how and what to pack for your trek.

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10 things you didn’t know about the Giant Panda


Here’s the lowdown on these majestic animals, so you can impress your family with your dazzling panda knowledge

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Our Antarctica photography guide


Getting good shots in Antarctica is easy; getting great shots takes a little bit more talent.

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Everything you need to know about hiking in the Pyrenees


When it comes to European mountains, most trekkers make a beeline for the Alps, leaving Pyrenean trails happily under-trampled.

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