Murky waters: the ethics of big ship cruising

Responsible Travel
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By any metric you care to name – profits, passengers, new travel routes – big ship cruising has been an overwhelming tourism success. But at what cost?

A day in the life of an adventure cruise


It’s hard to describe an 'average day' on board a small ship adventure cruise. But we'll give it a try...

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Traveller stories: Cruising the Cyclades


One thing I discovered before the trip even began: there is no phrase more guaranteed to induce jealousy in your loved ones than ‘I’m sailing the Greek Islands.’

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8 reasons to try small ship adventure cruising


Small ship adventure cruising is the Goldilocks of nautical holidays. Smaller than a floating casino, but more spacious than a 40-foot schooner or catamaran.

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Photoblog: The blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco


There are many shades of blue – cornflower, powder, cobalt, turquoise – but you never appreciate how many until you visit Chefchaouen.

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Fowl play: meet South Africa’s runner ducks


Ducks on a vineyard? Waddle they think of next?!

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The world’s most romantic destinations


Cue the violins: presenting our list of the most romantic countries and travel experiences in the world.

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View along the Amalfi Coast

Your guide to trekking the Amalfi Coast


A glittering ocean, rugged coastlines and wonderful photo opportunities are a given, but what else can travellers expect on a walking tour along Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast?

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Know your geography? The Peregrine Travel Quiz is here


Travellers are often pros when it comes to geography, and we wanted to put that to the test. This is our first official Peregrine quiz.

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The greatest travel videos of all time


Consume at your own risk. May in extreme cases lead to adventures. You have been warned.

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