What to expect on your African safari

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The words ‘African safari’ conjure up images of trumpeting elephants, impalas mid-leap and open-topped four-wheel drives hurtling down dusty roads.
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11 tips for surviving your long-haul flight


While we can’t provide a solution for the lack of legroom and the seat-kicker (short of a few withering glares), we’ve got a few handy tips to keep you comfy, warm and entertained for your upcoming long-haul flight.

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A tale of two countries: One traveller’s journey through Turkey


Our local guide, Ugur loosened up a little and talked of his homeland. ’Watch Turkey’, he said. ‘Do me a favour, and watch Turkey. Follow this story’.

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Behind the lens with Anuar Patjane, the best underwater photographer in the world


Anuar Patjane is officially the best travel photographer in the world...according to National Geographic anyway. And they're a pretty good judge.

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Packed suitcase

How to pack for an overseas trip


A recent weekend away with friends to Australia’s Mornington Peninsula highlighted a very important issue faced by travellers the world over: the inability to pack efficiently.

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The search for solitude in South America


It’s pretty accurate that most of the time, pleasure is found first in anticipation and later in memory.

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Why we sometimes lose the travel itch, and how we can get it back


My seven weeks travelling through the country had become a bit of a blur. And it was on that train, somewhere in China, that I decided I wanted out.

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What it’s really like to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Responsible Travel

There’s only one brief moment when I feel afraid. I am in Volcanoes National Park in the North West corner of Rwanda, and I’m crouching one metre away from an angry female gorilla.

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Travel vaccination guide: what to get before you go


It’s fair to say the pre-trip vaccination jab isn’t the best part of travel. No-one really looks forward to that visit to the doctor when they pull out a needle and tell you to “relax” while they put it in you.

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Life cycle: Europe’s hottest cycling destinations


There are a number of new destinations that are quickly catching the peloton on the European cycling scene. These are our favourites.

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