Our Top 6 Arctic wildlife experiences

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If you’re heading into the world’s frozen north, these are the animals to watch out for.

A Sherpa’s story: what it was like to survive the earthquake on Everest


On the day the quake hit Everest, our team had just trekked back to Basecamp from Camp II further up the mountain...

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A group travel skeptic journeys through South America (video)


Yesterday I went under a waterfall for the first time, in a swerving and dipping Zodiac along with the other members of a small Peregrine group touring in South America.

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The spirit of adventure: how travel has changed for the Baby Boomer generation


We’re old enough to have made a lot of decisions in our lives. Two of those involved stepping away from our daily routines into the wide world of travel.

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Bhutan flight guide: How to fly to the Himalayas’ happiest kingdom


Unfortunately, despite coining Gross Domestic Happiness and living traffic-light-free, Bhutan does exist in a bit of a flight path black hole.

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Traveller stories: Caimans and tarantulas in the Peruvian Amazon


A defining moment in the humid Amazon jungle: trudging along a muddy path below the towering canopy, our guide suddenly stops beside a tree.

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A rainy day in Colombo: The Dutch Hospital


What I needed was shelter but also some enjoyable means of killing time, and the solution was a tuk-tuk to the central Fort area’s Dutch Hospital...

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Walking trail in country

Why walking in the great outdoors is good for your health


What is it about putting one foot in front of the other that has thinkers, singers, actors and average Joe’s so enamoured?

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Meet Kathmandu’s hidden artisans: the extraordinary Seven Women

Responsible Travel

Our taxi pulls up outside some rusty wrought iron gates. Inside is one of Nepal’s philanthropic success stories: a tiny business that’s slowly changing the lives of local women.

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Aurora Borealis Guide: the best countries to see the northern lights


The Aurora Borealis is one of the earth’s most incredible phenomena. Standing in a forest hushed with snow as the sky dances in technicolour above you… there’s no other experience like it.

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