• An Epic Asian Journey

    From bustling Bangkok, to the Shanghai metropolis, this epic Asian journey is a great way to discover the highlights of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China in one 30-day tour.

  • The Hidden Gems of Thailand

    Thailand offers a whole range of experiences beyond its stunning beaches which The Hidden Gems of Thailand tour reveals.

  • Peregrine's CEO Glenyce Johnson Sleeps Out to Help the Homeless

    Whilst Peregrine traditionally supports a number of international projects through the Peregrine Community Trust, Peregrine's CEO Glenyce Johnson found a great opportunity to support a great local initiative.

  • West Africa Rhythm & Roots Tour

    Take a truly memorable musical journey through the fascinating countries of Mali and Burkina Faso, the historical heartland of music and a major influence on Western styles, such as blues and jazz.

  • Last Chance this Season to see the Emperor Penguins

    If you dream of exploring an Antarctica few have seen, or will again, then the Weddell Sea and South Georgia departing 6 November 2010 expedition is for you.

  • Independent Adventures in India & Nepal

    For those looking to travel with just their partner or friends rather than in a small group of travellers, we have added the flexibility of making some of our itineraries available as an Independent Adventure.

  • Active Adventures in Bhutan and Ladakh

    Many of you have been asking us for an active adventure in Bhutan, so this year we bring you the 13-day Bhutan's Sacred Summit Trek.

  • What's New in India?

    During our last tour leader training in India, we asked the experts to design their dream Rajasthan experience. The result – our new 15-day Rajasthan Revealed - Tour Leader's Special.

  • Highlights of Sri Lanka

    Affectionately known as the 'Teardrop Isle', Sri Lanka has just about everything a traveller could want – superb ancient sites, magnificent scenery, amazing wildlife, delicious cuisine, incredibly friendly and welcoming locals and lovely palm-fringed, white sandy beaches. Add to this a history touched by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, and a society with a strong and devout adherence to the Buddhist faith and you will find an island-nation of incredibly rich diversity.

  • The Kingdom of Mustang

    Mustang is a barren landscape boasting a remarkable spiritual heritage. The 80km-long kingdom borders Tibet on the Central Asian plateau between the Nepalese provinces of Dolpo and Manang. It is also known as ‘Tibet outside the Tibetan border’ as many centuries ago it was part of Tibet, but was annexed by Nepal in the 18th century and survived Chinese invasion in the 1950s. In 1992, the region was re-opened to strictly limited numbers of travellers. Exploring Mustang is definitely an off-the-beaten-track experience so rare to find these days.

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