• 58 countries and counting: One family's quest for adventure!

    David Gibbons is a single dad devoted to showing his two boys, Sam (aged 16) and Harry (14), the most spectacular places on earth. The Gibbons’ are frequent Peregrine travellers and together they’ve conquered over 58 countries!

    For their most recent trip, the Gibbons' went on the 7-day Galapagos Encounter.

    Who chose the Galapagos as your next family destination, and what were the reasons?

  • Lessons we can learn from animals

    I've just returned home from the Peregrine Botswana in Depth (Reverse) trip, where I had the chance to study a lot of wildlife in their natural habitat.

    Our incredible local leader, Spokes, has a true affinity for all animals. With every species we saw, he had a fascinating story to tell about how each group functions in the wild.

  • Coxy's big Q&A session: The Arctic

    On July 28 we were lucky enough to have Coxy from Coxy's Big Break visit the offices, to conduct an Antarctica Q&A session with our Facebook fans.

    Below are a few of the questions he was asked. If you'd like to see the entire session, simply "Like" our Facebook page.

  • Spend the kids' inheritance

    You've fed them, clothed them, ferried them to parties, cleaned up after them and put a roof over their heads. Now, it's time to have a little fun.

    Go on, be part of the growing number of Baby Boomers who are taking advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and treating themselves to an overseas experience.

    Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Penguins & polar bears: Same same but different

    They both love to swim, they both love to eat fish and they both thrive in some of the harshest climates in the world. But the penguin and the polar bear are destined never to meet.

    Living at opposite ends of the world, penguins and polar bears have made very different homes for themselves. And let's face it, if the two were to inhabit the same place we would very soon end up with some very fat polar bears and a rapidly declining penguin population.



  • My Arctic: Puffins, cocktails, postcards and more

    Sarah Louise Scales is our Queensland Area Sales Manager, and recently conquered the Introduction to Spitsbergen voyage.

    I've been lucky enough to visit many of Peregrine’s fantastic destinations. But seeing the Arctic and following in the footsteps of adventurers such as Amundsen and Nansen has always been my dream.

  • Coxy answers all your Arctic questions

    If you Google "Aussie larrikin", chances are you might just get a picture of Geoff "Coxy" Cox. He's one of Australian TV's most recognisable faces, and is also the first to put his hand up for any adventure that might come his way.

    Whether it's finding the best dumplings in Shanghai or trying the hula in Hawaii, Coxy's got the sort of laidback, relaxed personality that lets you know you're in good hands.

  • LOL Lemurs

    We posted some funny images of lemurs on our Facebook page yesterday, and asked our fans to add captions.

    In Madagascar, you can see eleven different species of these comical creatures in Anjozorobe Forest alone, but probably not before they see you!

  • Experience The Galapagos

    The Galapagos is an archipelago of 18 main islands just west off Ecuador in South America.

    One island in particular is famous for breeding birds, and is home to one of the largest populations of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds.

  • The Arctic: Prepare for Bears

    Peregrine Adventure Travel Consultant, Natalie Scales, spent eight days exploring the Arctic on our Introduction to Spitsbergen trip. 

    The first question I encountered after my voyage around the Arctic was, “Did you see a polar bear?” 
    “No”, I would reply. Then a slow smile would escape my lips...“We saw four!”

  • Chobe National Park, Botswana - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Chobe National Park, Botswana, by Peter Lemon

    Trip of the week: Botswana in Depth

  • Making the best better - the greatest Antarctic adventures

    A voyage south to explore Antarctica’s frozen wastes truly deserves the overused ‘holiday of a lifetime’ description. From the graceful hulks of vast blue-ice tabular icebergs to the wildlife encounters, to the light itself, Antarctica is a life-altering destination, capable of recalibrating the sense of wonder at the world in even the most jaded and weary of travellers.

  • Adelie Penguins, South Georgia - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Adelie Penguins, South Georgia, by David Sinclair

    Trip of the week: Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia

  • Traveller Review – the Galapagos

    Mike Wood, Manager of the Peregrine Travel Centre in Perth recently experienced the Galapagos on a Peregrine trip. We caught up with him to ask him for some of his favourite moments.

    Highlight of the trip

  • Leopard in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Leopard in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, by Peter Lemon

    Trip of the week: Tanzania Lodge Safari
    Do you like what you see? Then why not have a look at our Tanzania Lodge Safari trip. A timeless northern Tanzania safari including incredible Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

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