• Anna Fedoseeva - A Hidden Talent

    Anna Fedoseeva joined us onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov in Antarctica this season in the dining room/hospitality team.

    Those of you who joined our Antarctic season opener with artists Brett Jarrett (who will be joining the Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Arctic 2010) and Neil Roberts may have seen how Anna took the opportunity to learn from our two guests. Later in the voyage we realised how talented Anna was when, after a little persuasion, she let us see one of her paintings.

  • Last chance to see emperor penguins onboard Kapitan Khlebnikov

    If you dream of exploring an Antarctica few have seen, or will again, then the Weddell Sea and South Georgia departing 6 November 2010 expedition is for you.

  • Top 5 tips for wildlife photography

    Savvy visitors to Africa’s great nature reserves and national parks know that a half-decent camera is essential if you want your photographs to come close to reflecting the amazing sights and panoramas that you see here. To help capture those most jaw-dropping moments on film, we asked our resident photography guru Peter Lemon for some top tips on how to take the perfect wildlife snaps – follow the guidance below and you’ll be taking gilt frame-worthy portraits of the Big Five in no time.

    Focus on the eyes

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