• Feast cookalong: Malaysian curry laksa

    Alix Clark is the editor of SBS food magazine Feast. In this regular series, she will choose a different dish from Feast magazine and recreate it in her own kitchen. With Chinese New Year celebrations upon us, we've chosen a Malaysin curry laksa:

  • Travel trends for the future

    For Peregrine travellers, it's always been important to get off the beaten tourist path and see a destination with the guidance of a local tour leader, allowing them to experience things they may not get the chance to see or do while travelling on their own.

    While this style of travel continues to grow, we are also seeing that travellers wat to immerse themselves even further in local cultures, experiencing even richer and deeper interactions within their chosen destinations.

  • KOTO fundraiser helps street children in Vietnam

    In December last year a fundraiser was held for KOTO, a not-for-profit hospitality training program for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.

    The event was a fabulous night of food, champagne and music. And it was all due to the efforts of Nam (pictured above), a KOTO graduate. Nam organised the fundraiser as part of his Diploma of Business at Box Hill Institute. He approached Sofitel on Collins who kindly agreed to support the evening.

  • Christmas overseas: Our private family adventure

    For many of us, Christmas is about more than just the food and the swapping of gifts - it's about being with family. And what better way to reconnect with one another than creating a tailored itinerary and visiting the destination of your dreams!

    Michelle McCallum spent Christmas 2010 with her husband and kids in Borneo. They decided on a Private Group tour with Peregrine, which means they chose the dates then worked with us to create their perfect itinerary. Here is their story:

  • 12 Days of Christmas Destinations

    Guest blogger Marissa Cooke thinks there's no better time to plan your next escape than in the countdown to Christmas holidays.

    To help your mind wander (even if you can’t!), she's created her own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It goes a little something like this…

  • KOTO - more than just a restaurant

    When you go to a restaurant, what are the things you notice? For most, it will probably be the quality of the food, then you'll take a look around at the decor, have a sticky-beak in the bathrooms and maybe comment on the ambience inside the dining room. 

  • A spin on the traditional family holiday

    We all know there's nothing quite like packing up the kids, bikes, boogie boards and cricket bats for a trip to the beach during summer. But it's not until you've taken a wrong turn, the kids start fighting or you leave the dog at the service station that you remember how much effort it can be.

    So why not try something different and take a family trip where all the hard work is done for you. It shouldn't just be the kids who get to kick back and enjoy the ride. Create some memories together and save your sanity at the same time!

  • Why we love it: Thailand

    Up next in our Why We Love It series is exotic, charming, laidback Thailand. Each week we get a different Peregrine staff member to talk about their favourite destination, inspiring you to get out there and explore the world!

    Thailand is a long-standing favourite for many travellers because it’s a country that offers so much: great food, warm people and amazing sites. Thailand has something for everyone, whether it’s relaxed beaches, ethnic hill tribe culture or fascinating history.

  • Image of the week: The Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

    Our image of the week is a group of trekkers taking on The Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea. It was taken by Alan Manning.

    Here's five quick facts about the Kokoda Track:

  • Travel: Embrace the difference

    One of the most exciting things about travel is the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. You are given the chance to see, hear, eat and smell things you have never tried before, and might never try again!
    But even the most seasoned traveller can experience culture shock in certain situations.

  • Culinary cooking tour in Vietnam

    A recent Peregrine tour headed off to discover the exotic tastes, smells and sights of Vietnam. The 10-day Vietnam Culinary Journey goes beyond the major highlights and delves into the heart of this fascinating country. 

    The group sent us some great images, and we wanted to show you the sorts of thing you can expect from market trips, cooking schools and excellent sightseeing on this culinary adventure.

  • On your marks, get set, race around the world!

    Get your running shoes on and try a race with a difference. Around the world there are some fascinating, interesting and unusual races happening all the time. So get fit, raise money and make some memories along the way.

    Visiting Iceland? Why not be a part of Mi?næturhlaup, otherwise known as the Midnight Run? It kicks off at 10:00pm with 3 kilometre, 5 kilometre and 10 kilometre options.

  • Travel while the Aussie dollar is hot!

    Aussie dollar burning a hole in your pocket? Now is the time to put it to use.

    Research by the National Australia Bank shows us which destinations will get us the best bang for our buck. And for those into exotic, exciting, historic and thrilling adventures…the news couldn't be better

  • All your South East Asia questions answered - with expert Stu Lyall

    We recently held another successful Facebook Q&A session. This time the topic was South East Asia, with our resident expert, Stuart Lyall. 

    Keep an eye out for future Q&A sessions on other destinations by liking us on Facebook, and have your questions handy. Or perhaps you could even offer advice to other travellers. We love to hear from the Peregrine community!

    Here is a summary of the chat:

  • 5 packing essentials for the Kokoda track

    Antonina Indomenico is a tourism student doing some work experience in the Peregrine office.

    There are a few essentials that should be at the top of everyone’s list when packing for their Kokoda track journey. They include:

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