• All aboard the Eastern Orient Express

    To board the Eastern Orient Express is to step back in time to a 'Colonial' era of charm, elegance and luxury.

    From baggage handlers in starched uniforms to a resident pianist tinkling the ivories in the Bar Car, no expense has been spared in providing the world's most sophisticated train journey from Bangkok to Singapore.

    On board

  • Would you rather: Eat cautiously or try everything?

    We recently asked our Facebook fans to take part in a travel debate.

    The topic:
    Are you overly cautious with food when travelling or do you throw caution to the wind and try the lot?

    Try everything:
    Most people were keen to try the local cuisine, but also understood the risks. Despite a few reports of Bali Belly and the odd dodgy tummy, it seems our Facebook fans are a pretty adventurous lot:

  • Image of the week: The Eastern Orient Express train, Bangkok

    Image of the week: The Eastern Orient Express train by Ron Bambridge

    Trip of the week: The Eastern Orient Express - Bangkok to Singapore

  • Remote villages along the Mekong Delta

    Feel the beating heart of Southeast Asia, as you cruise down the Mekong River. It's the contrasts you will notice first - the seemingly rural but heavily populated villages, the hectic pace but the relaxed lifestyle. Your hands will be sore from waving at locals as they run to the river bank, smiling and laughing, and you are bound to feel connected to this region by the end of your trip.

  • Experience Vietnam

    Sure, there's more to Vietnam than its food. But some of the strongest memories you'll take with you are the smells and tastes of the incredible array of flavours on offer.

    Trust me when I say the minute you get home you'll be Googling your nearest Pho restaurant and booking a table. But you'll quickly discover nothing compares to sitting down among the locals, slurping up a steaming hot bowl of Vietnamese soup and watching this chaotic, hypnotic world go by.

  • How to write your own travel blog

    The word ‘blog’ originated from the term ‘web log’ and was initially taken up only by those web savvy enough or with the funds to dedicate to the idea. Today, however, it’s easy. You don’t need to know anything about source code or HTML and you don’t need a cent. If you have the time and the motivation to write about anything you can easily set up your own blog.

  • Offbeat accommodation

    If you’re heading to the Yunnan province in China, a stay at one of Lijiang’s traditional Naxi houses is a good bet for old-world atmosphere – your front door opens out onto the narrow lanes, wending canals and flickering red lanterns of the old town. Immediately you feel part of the place, immersed rather than just passing through. We love our traditional, sometimes offbeat accommodation at Peregrine, and we think they add so much to any holiday. Here are a few of our favourites – we’d love to know yours.

  • G&Ts and blind massages: 6 days, 6 reasons to mini-break in Cambodia

    Angkor Wat is reason enough to go to Cambodia. South East Asia's greatest manmade sight is one of those landmarks that you lose yourself in, where hours pass in a flash as you explore and relax amidst the exquisite jungle-clad temples. But we’re getting beyond the country’s big draw – here are six other reasons why a week in Cambodia is time well spent.

    Blind massage, Siem Reap

  • Eat Vietnam: three recipes, one feast

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re big fans of Vietnamese food here at Peregrine (for evidence, have a look at a previous blog here). So here’s an easy little banquet for you to rustle up, all courtesy of clever Mr Luke Nguyen, whose cookbook The Songs of Sapa should come with a health warning about how addictive its recipes are. Happy eating!

  • Elusive elephants and mischievous monkeys – a Bornean wildlife encounter

    Andrea Millar from our office headed off to South East Asia’s greatest wildlife hotspot, Borneo, on our 9-day Orang-utan & Rainforests tour. Here are some of her highlights.


    One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Borneo was to see orang-utans in their native habitat, and I certainly got that.  But what I didn’t anticipate was that the orang-utans weren’t the wildlife highlight of my trip. 

  • Hoi An market, Vietnam - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Hoi An market, Vietnam, by Ewen Bell

    Trip of the week: Vietnam Culinary Journey
    Do you like what you see? Then why not have a look at our Vietnam Culinary Journey trip. An exciting gastronomic adventure exploring the delectable and varied world of Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Iconic Kokoda or a Vibrant Burmese Hill Tribes Trek?

  • A 10-day Vietnam tour for the tastebuds

    Firmly in the pantheon of great world cuisines, Vietnamese fare is a varying treat, from the sweet-and-spicy plates of the south to the rich and complex flavours of Hanoi and the north. Our 10-day Vietnam Culinary Adventure is the ultimate exploration of the country's appetite. Get to know your pho from your kho-to with our quick guide to Vietnamese food.

  • Swinging time in the tropics

    By Michael Robotham. First published in Escape Travel. Reproduced with permission by Michael Robotham and News Ltd.

    The brief was simple: a family holiday, somewhere unusual, somewhere memorable.

    "It has to be outside Australia," said my eldest princess, a teenage travel snob. "And somewhere warm," announced the middle princess, who is 12. "Where we can ski," added the littlest princess, 9.

  • So hot right now – a digest of where to go in 2011

    It’s a January tradition – newspapers and websites pontificating on the next big thing in travel, giving readers the inside scoop on where and what is hot for the year ahead. Trouble is, it’s pretty exhausting wading your way through the welter of various “where next” lists, so, as a public service of sorts, below’s our brief digest of the hottest tips for the year ahead.

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