• Hoi An market, Vietnam - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Hoi An market, Vietnam, by Ewen Bell

    Trip of the week: Vietnam Culinary Journey
    Do you like what you see? Then why not have a look at our Vietnam Culinary Journey trip. An exciting gastronomic adventure exploring the delectable and varied world of Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Iconic Kokoda or a Vibrant Burmese Hill Tribes Trek?

  • A 10-day Vietnam tour for the tastebuds

    Firmly in the pantheon of great world cuisines, Vietnamese fare is a varying treat, from the sweet-and-spicy plates of the south to the rich and complex flavours of Hanoi and the north. Our 10-day Vietnam Culinary Adventure is the ultimate exploration of the country's appetite. Get to know your pho from your kho-to with our quick guide to Vietnamese food.

  • So hot right now – a digest of where to go in 2011

    It’s a January tradition – newspapers and websites pontificating on the next big thing in travel, giving readers the inside scoop on where and what is hot for the year ahead. Trouble is, it’s pretty exhausting wading your way through the welter of various “where next” lists, so, as a public service of sorts, below’s our brief digest of the hottest tips for the year ahead.

  • Choose your operator carefully - Responsible Travel

    From asking permission before taking photographs of people to using biodegradable products, to choosing a company that ensures the benefits of tourism are shared with the locals - an important part of preparing for your Kokoda Track experience is choosing your tour operator carefully.

  • A dozen films to give you wanderlust, part one

    Films that are both inspiring journeys and inspire others to journey – the entries on this ‘The Beach’ -free zone all share the power to have you swiftly salivating at the scenery and adding a whole raft of new destinations to your ‘must visit’ list. In a blatant Harry Potter-style bid to spin out a good thing, we’ve split the list into two sections – the sequel will be released next week. Grab some popcorn, indulge, then let us know which flicks we missed.

  • Pack the kids! Unbeatable family adventures

    Our new family brochure is out, so in a leap of incredible imagination, we thought we’d run through five of our favourite moments from our adventures for the whole tribe.

    Meet the king of the swingers in Borneo

  • Six great foodie cities

    Sometimes the joy of travel equals the joy of eating. Discovery, mixing with the locals, taking a chance that gloriously pays off – adventurous travelling and emboldened eating share the same delights. Here’s a globetrotting selection of some cities where we particularly enjoy what’s on the menu.


  • The Magnificent Seven: the world's greatest treks

    Whether you’re exploring unsullied wildernesses, getting among beautiful landscapes or spending time with remote communities, trekking unlocks destinations in a unique way, making walkers truly a part of a place, and helping give a rich appreciation of both local cultures and scenery.

    Peregrine started in Nepal, and we started on foot. Three decades on, our trekking trips explore some of the world’s great wild places. We asked our trekking expert Lou Day to give us a run through some of her top trips on foot.

  • Mt. Kinabalu Climb & Via Ferrata Descent Extension

    For those considering conquering Borneo's highest mountain, climbing Mt. Kinabalu can be an unforgettably rewarding experience.

  • Beyond the Golden Triangle Expedition

    A journey for the more adventurous travellers...
    This 20-day expedition trip crosses from Thailand into Burma (Myanmar) at the famous Golden Triangle.

  • An Epic Asian Journey

    From bustling Bangkok, to the Shanghai metropolis, this epic Asian journey is a great way to discover the highlights of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China in one 30-day tour.

  • The Hidden Gems of Thailand

    Thailand offers a whole range of experiences beyond its stunning beaches which The Hidden Gems of Thailand tour reveals.

  • New Website – New Look, New Features

    We hope that you will enjoy the new look and feel of our website, we are certainly very proud of it and have tried to include as much stunning imagery and video footage as possible to inspire your travels. We have also added a number of features which will make finding your perfect Peregrine trip even easier! Look out for some helpful tips over the coming few editions of the e-news. Here are a few to start off with:

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