• See the Alps through the eyes of a local

    We recently spoke to the operators of our new Walking in the French and Swiss Alps tour, Mark and Carey. They are passionate about the region and excited to offer this experience to Peregrine travellers.

    Hear from Mark and Carey, in their own words, about why this part of the world is so beautiful. Then hurry up and book a trip so you can experience it for yourself!

  • Feel on top of the world

    There's nothing quite like strapping on a pair of sturdy boots and setting to hike along well-worn or relatively undiscovered trails.

    A visit to the French and Swiss Alps can offer a spectacular change of scenery, as you fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and see some of the world's most spectacular mountain vistas.

  • On your marks, get set, race around the world!

    Get your running shoes on and try a race with a difference. Around the world there are some fascinating, interesting and unusual races happening all the time. So get fit, raise money and make some memories along the way.

    Visiting Iceland? Why not be a part of Mi?næturhlaup, otherwise known as the Midnight Run? It kicks off at 10:00pm with 3 kilometre, 5 kilometre and 10 kilometre options.

  • Five of the best in Argentina

    Argentina is such a feast for the senses that it can be hard to know where to start. There's so much to see and do, but you could just as easily find yourself whiling away the hours people-watching at a local cafe. 
    Keep this list handy and you'll make enough memories to last a lifetime...and still have enough time left over to enjoy that coffee!

  • All your South East Asia questions answered - with expert Stu Lyall

    We recently held another successful Facebook Q&A session. This time the topic was South East Asia, with our resident expert, Stuart Lyall. 

    Keep an eye out for future Q&A sessions on other destinations by liking us on Facebook, and have your questions handy. Or perhaps you could even offer advice to other travellers. We love to hear from the Peregrine community!

    Here is a summary of the chat:

  • 5 packing essentials for the Kokoda track

    Antonina Indomenico is a tourism student doing some work experience in the Peregrine office.

    There are a few essentials that should be at the top of everyone’s list when packing for their Kokoda track journey. They include:

  • Coxy's big Q&A session: The Arctic

    On July 28 we were lucky enough to have Coxy from Coxy's Big Break visit the offices, to conduct an Antarctica Q&A session with our Facebook fans.

    Below are a few of the questions he was asked. If you'd like to see the entire session, simply "Like" our Facebook page.

  • 3 Must See Places In Italy

    My time in Italy was spent in places that captured the true essence of Italy; soaking in as much culture as possible, marveling at ancient ruins and landscapes, getting lost in mazes of narrow alleyways of cities and spending days indulging in authentic Italian food.

    These were three of my favorite places:

    Cinque Terre
    Cinque Terre is made up of five villages situated along the rugged coastline of Liguria on the Italian Riviera. It’s as stunning in person as it is in pictures and movies.

  • Spend the kids' inheritance

    You've fed them, clothed them, ferried them to parties, cleaned up after them and put a roof over their heads. Now, it's time to have a little fun.

    Go on, be part of the growing number of Baby Boomers who are taking advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and treating themselves to an overseas experience.

    Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Coxy answers all your Arctic questions

    If you Google "Aussie larrikin", chances are you might just get a picture of Geoff "Coxy" Cox. He's one of Australian TV's most recognisable faces, and is also the first to put his hand up for any adventure that might come his way.

    Whether it's finding the best dumplings in Shanghai or trying the hula in Hawaii, Coxy's got the sort of laidback, relaxed personality that lets you know you're in good hands.

  • The Greenland Hiking Experience

    Erin Aldersea is our copywriter

    Hiking in Greenland might mean leaving the warm comfort of your cruise ship but it's the perfect way to get up close to the rugged landscapes and get lost in a wild experience in this remote and pristine wilderness.

    Here are a few hiking highlights not to be missed on a journey to East Greenland:

  • Going underground in Vienna

    Exploring Vienna’s underground will introduce you to this dynamic city’s historical side and also its modern face of restaurants and clubs. Here are our must-see underground sites in Vienna.

    The cathedral
    Take the guided tour below ground, and you'll see the usual assortment of sarcophagi holding the bones of dead rulers, archbishops, and other personages.

  • Himalaya Q&A with trekking guru, Lou Day

    Our Himalayan trekking guru, Lou Day had a great response to her Facebook Q&A session recently. Loads of Peregrine fans jumped on to ask their burning questions. 

    Here's a summary of what was discussed. If you have any further questions for Lou, just head to Twitter or Facebook to keep the conversation going.

  • 24 hours in Pokhara

    Whether you’re en route to trek the Annapurna or just taking in some beautiful panoramas, if your Nepal adventure takes you west of Kathmandu, chances are you’ll spend a little time in the pretty lakeside town of Pokhara. Lucky you – it’s a great place to chill out, with out-of-this-world mountain views and a lively social scene. We asked our Himalaya Destination Manager Steve Wroe for his perfect Pokhara day.

    Morning stroll

  • How to pack for your trek

    Steve Wroe, our Himalaya Destination Manager, gives you a rundown on how and what to pack for your trek:

    When preparing to head off on a trek, packing is usually one of the last things we do.  Despite having packed for trekking/outdoor trips countless times, I still rely on a packing method I learned from a world-renowned trekking guru. Of course lists are good, but what if you forget to put something on the list?

    What sort of trek are we packing for?

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