• Towering Torres del Paine or Patagonian Ice Trekking Expedition?

  • Iconic Kokoda or a Vibrant Burmese Hill Tribes Trek?

  • The Mighty Great Wall of China or Captivating Kamchatka?

  • Classic Kilimanjaro or the stark beauty of The Simien Mountains?

    Africa offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world – an attribute which creates a great platform for exploration on foot. For those who love a rewarding challenge, Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro is a spectacular climb.

  • So hot right now – a digest of where to go in 2011

    It’s a January tradition – newspapers and websites pontificating on the next big thing in travel, giving readers the inside scoop on where and what is hot for the year ahead. Trouble is, it’s pretty exhausting wading your way through the welter of various “where next” lists, so, as a public service of sorts, below’s our brief digest of the hottest tips for the year ahead.

  • Machu Picchu by the path less travelled – the Salkantay Route

    Jill Blunsom, Peregrine’s Latin America Destination Manager, explains the appeal of the Salkantay Trek, which follows quiet trails through some of Peru’s most astounding scenery, finishing at Machu Picchu.

  • Pole-pole! How to conquer Kilimanjaro

    More than 20,000 people every year attempt to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain – and fewer than half succeed. Our trekking expert Lou Day gives us a step-by-step guide to get you to the roof of Africa.

  • A self-guided walk through the Pyrenees

    When it comes to European mountains, most trekkers make a beeline for the Alps, leaving Pyrenean trails - over high passes, among foothills and in the shadow of soaring summits - happily under-trampled.

  • The wildest walk in Patagonia

    Five mouth-watering facts that will have you packing your crampons and joining our 11-day Patagonia Ice Trek Expedition.

    The ice field

  • Gauging travel experiences

    Our polar blogger Brendan van Son is currently somewhere south of the Antarctic Circle. Before he set sail from Ushuaia, he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite travel experiences. Next week, keep an eye out for Brendan’s thoughts on his Antarctic adventure.

  • Trek for Heart Disease – Great Wall of China Challenge 2011 6-15 May 2011

    Inspired Adventures has teamed up with Peregrine to offer an opportunity to experience fascinating Eastern culture on an incredible adventure while helping provide vital funds to support Heart Disease Research along the way! Spend five days trekking along the border of China and Mongolia, on remote and thus seldom-visited sections of the Great Wall, staying overnight in local guesthouses. Before and after the trek spend time discovering the sights of Beijing and the Eastern Qing Tombs.

  • The Magnificent Seven: the world's greatest treks

    Whether you’re exploring unsullied wildernesses, getting among beautiful landscapes or spending time with remote communities, trekking unlocks destinations in a unique way, making walkers truly a part of a place, and helping give a rich appreciation of both local cultures and scenery.

    Peregrine started in Nepal, and we started on foot. Three decades on, our trekking trips explore some of the world’s great wild places. We asked our trekking expert Lou Day to give us a run through some of her top trips on foot.

  • The Colombian Ecohabs: A hidden paradise

    Imagine a remote paradise where the ocean meets a tropical wildlife teeming rainforest and you have Tayrona National Natural Park, a lesser known side of Colombia. Within this naturally stunning setting sit a group of luxurious eco-cabins known as Ecohabs. Sweeping beaches, vibrant butterflies and views to take your breath away are commonplace here. Spending a night here is a big highlight on our brand new trip, Colombia's Coast and Craters.

  • Mt. Kinabalu Climb & Via Ferrata Descent Extension

    For those considering conquering Borneo's highest mountain, climbing Mt. Kinabalu can be an unforgettably rewarding experience.

  • Active Adventures in Bhutan and Ladakh

    Many of you have been asking us for an active adventure in Bhutan, so this year we bring you the 13-day Bhutan's Sacred Summit Trek.

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