• Three top destinations for chocolate lovers

    December is a time of indulgence. And what better way to get your fix than by taking a chocolate-fuelled trip around the globe. Marissa Cooke gives us three destinations for you and the sweet tooth in your life. And the best part is, after you've indulged you can get out on foot and walk it off with a tour around each of these fascinating places.

  • Three festive treats from around the world

    Bring some flavours of the world to your table this Christmas, and try one of these three festive treats. We've scoured the globe for some tasty, exotic, colourful and downright delicious recipes to help spice things up this year. 

    It's not always easy to break with tradition, so start off slowly as you take your family on a culinary trip around the world:

  • Photography for a cause: An exhibition by Lilli Morgan

    Our very own Lilli Morgan held her first photo exhibition last week, with all proceeds going towards the Peregrine Community Trust. She framed over 20 pieces and also made some beautiful calendars and books which are all available to purchase (see below for details).  

  • 12 Days of Christmas Destinations

    Guest blogger Marissa Cooke thinks there's no better time to plan your next escape than in the countdown to Christmas holidays.

    To help your mind wander (even if you can’t!), she's created her own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It goes a little something like this…

  • Image of the week: Chateau of Chaumont, France

    This week's chosen image is the stunning Chateau of Chaumont, France, by Jeanine Marion.

    In honour of the many stunning chateaux that dot the French countryside, we've picked four of the best:

  • My home in Provence

    Stuart Sommers is a professional mountain guide who takes walking tours through his hometown of Provence:

    Trying to describe the essence of Provence to my walking guests is next to impossible. In size it’s about a 3-hour drive across, from the Rhône River to the Italian border, or from the Mediterranean to the Southern Alps.

  • Say "I do" abroad!

    Why not make your big day a big deal, and head overseas to celebrate with family, friends or maybe just the two of you!

    We take a look at some of the most beautiful, romantic and unique places to get hitched around the world:

  • See the Alps through the eyes of a local

    We recently spoke to the operators of our new Walking in the French and Swiss Alps tour, Mark and Carey. They are passionate about the region and excited to offer this experience to Peregrine travellers.

    Hear from Mark and Carey, in their own words, about why this part of the world is so beautiful. Then hurry up and book a trip so you can experience it for yourself!

  • 5 of the world's best helicopter rides

    What better way to experience some of the world’s most fascinating sites than in the air? These helicopter tours give you a whole new outlook on some stunning destinations.

    Victoria King tells gives a rundown of the world's best helicopter rides:

  • 3 ghoulish festivals around the world!

    In honour of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, we look at three festivals around the world that celebrate the dead. They're not as morbid as you think!

    Near Death Festival 
    Every year in Las Nieves, Spain, people who have suffered a near death experience in the past year attend the Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme. This is a Mass in celebration of the Patron Saint of resurrection.

  • The world's best beverages - as voted by you!

    We recently asked our Facebook fans to nominate their favourite beverage when travelling. Is yours on the list? Or perhaps you are heading off soon and need some hints.

    Take a look through the list below to stir your memories, or maybe they'll just inspire you to stir a cocktail in your kitchen at home!

  • Why we love it: Hungary

    This is the next installment in our series of "Why we love it" blogs. Each blog was written by a Peregrine staffer feels a special connection with that destination. Today's inspirational piece is about Hungary:

  • Feel on top of the world

    There's nothing quite like strapping on a pair of sturdy boots and setting to hike along well-worn or relatively undiscovered trails.

    A visit to the French and Swiss Alps can offer a spectacular change of scenery, as you fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and see some of the world's most spectacular mountain vistas.

  • Stunning Sardinia

    Sardinia is a sparkling jewel in the Mediterranean's crown, famous for its white sandy beaches and forested mountain peaks. 

    We share four of the top sights not to be missed as you make your way around the island:

  • Image of the week: Lake Bled, Slovenia

    Picture yourself taking in the views of Island church on Lake Bled, Slovenia.

    Our stunning image of the week was taken by Saxon Templeton

    Remember that we have 10% off all Europe tours, if you book by 30 November 2011

    Trip of the week: Jewels of the Adriatic 

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